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My Gratitude 6/25/2015

  • My greatest accomplishment. 

My sweetest accomplisment. T1D 😉

my Precious days

  1. My 11 year old son’s innocent jokes 
  2. Driving with the windows down 
  3. Finding my lost keys 😁
  4.  Laren’s medicine working 
  5. Take out food 
  6. 80’s music 
  7. Wishes coming true 
  8. My mom visiting my dreams 
  9. Joshua…. Even tho he is at the age where he can break my heart ❤️
  10. Joshua’s baby pictures 
  11. Joshua’s beautiful blue eyes 
  12. Joshua being my firstborn. 
  13. Learning to love him and not have his words cut so deep 
  14. Proud of Joshua’s athletic abilities 
  15. Proud of Walker at the tender age of 6 learning  life isn’t fair, but accepting his challenges with grace and balance. T1D
  16. My beautiful boys calling me Mom 
  17. Finally becoming the person my mom knew I could be. 
  18. My husband helping me look for my keys 😊
  19. My Journals, writings, and poems  
  20. Learning GOD does not reside in religion but the bible 

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