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Let Him Sleep!

I fell in love with this…


My Favorite

One of my favorite videos of my life. It was Christmas of 2015. My boy is one of the only people who can make me laugh like that. He makes me laugh loud and innocently.

It’s only 9 seconds long.. But I’ve watched it for hours today.

I’m truly blessed..


Take Your Time



Take your time I’ve nowhere to be
Take your time I’m sitting patiently
Take your time even though it’s late
Take your time everything else can wait

Carisa Adrienne Waiting



My SideKick

Thought I would post one of my favorite pieces again…


Always by my side cruising throughout the day

We sing, dance, laugh and pray

Innocently in my arms rocking out

Schooling the teacher what life’s all about

Chubby cheeks bouncing on my hip

Lifting you high with a turn and a flip

Before long you took a long-awaited stand

Now when we roll we stroll hand in hand

It’s been years now but you’d still be my pick

My boy, you’ll forever be my rocking sidekick

-Carisa Adrienne (Aka) Mom

8/4/ 2015



Protected: Little Boy Blue

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Impossible or I’m Possible

As I fall to knees 

Screaming heart-wrenching pleas 

My brown-eyed boy filled with disease 

So little so young with no guarantees 

Carisa Adrienne


Joshua, thank you for reminding me of this…


Coveting my life

Stunning with angelic wings

Carrying evil tortuous things

A mirage as shelter from the storm

Cold as ice to keep me warm

Magical with mystical conclusions

Pulling the strings creating illusions

A hero masquerading for all to see

A thief cunning for the best of me

God-like reciting all to hear

Immoral as Judas cutting off my ear

Your ivory lace turned to black

Devilish grin stabbing me in the back

Our mother witnessing begins to weep

For conceiving both wolf and sheepimage


-Carisa Adrienne


Protected: “Chillen”  Collaboraton between my son and I ❤️

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