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Three Minutes


Give me three minutes of your time
You could tenderly explain your crime
Perhaps I’d forgive your heart’s treason
Make me understand – Give me one reason
Maybe your mind was stolen for a day or so
The winds blowing hard you had to let go
Wonder if remorse floods your heart
Waves of blood flowing back to the start

Back to simpler times without doubt
No rooms filled with shame to clear out
Maybe if you’d cry just one tear for me
I could be unshackled and set free

zeroes 6

Carisa Adrienne

I wrote this at 4 am today.

My sister has been on my mind.

I wish I could stop loving her the way I do….

The whole truth…..

I posted this post last week on accident. It was something I wrote 3 months ago in my drafts rather pen and paper. It was never meant to be seen. I deleted it immediately. I had many emails and comments asking where it went. I’m humbled by the kind words of everyone who encouraged me to post it. I decided to finish the piece and repost it.

My oldest son, Joshua, and I play a music game. When we are driving we take turns listening to each other’s playlists. He is nearly 15 years now and talking isn’t one of his favorite things. I believe listening to someone’s playlist might be one of the best ways to understand them.

I will play a song and vice versa. I can sense the emotion he is feeling and my hope is he can sense mine too. I feel humor, love and struggle when he plays his playlist.

Joshua has had a complicated life. I am so proud how he has handled taxing situations. His father (my ex-husband) and my older sister are now married. They have now been married for over ten years. They were together before he was born. Through my FBI skills (😉) I was able to figure out their web of illusion.

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Broken Angel(a)


Long chestnut hair with curls that were complete

Big brown eyes and when she smiled it felt like a dream

Dimples so deep you’d get lost in them

Her beauty was the envy of all

She was the oldest of six kids, and I was youngest

She is someone who helped shape my mind and spirit

I remember as a little girl I would see her paint her nails

She held the most beautiful nails

They were always filed and painted

Always perfectly round with shine

I use to sit to the side of the couch and she mesmerized me with her gift

One of the most vivid memories is her walking down the hospital corridor and crying

My heart aching knowing she was broken that day

I felt my eyes filling up with tears

She had just endured a vicious rape and attack

The hospital making her feel violated again to collect evidence

To help capture and prosecute the devil on the run

Her hands were over her eyes not wanting people to discover her

 Perhaps she didn’t want to see the world

All I know is her nails weren’t the same as they were the day before

I had never seen her nails so short

No longer perfectly round

No longer smooth with color

They were jagged and broken

The way I knew she felt within

As well, the way I felt too



Written for


My sister and I share many challenges in our lives

She helped prepare me for struggles no one can prepare you for

She is my perfect Angel(a)

The man who raped my sister was a serial rapist

He was caught after being named one of our cities Most Wanted

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I see you made a trade
Desperation is what you portrayed
Your eyes always full of jade
Sisters aren’t suppose to be betrayed
My husband only got you laid
Darling.. Together we were homemade
I realize it was all a masquerade
When did you start this charade
Broken by the actions you made
He is meaningless in this tirade
Now bad blood is displayed
With aunt and Step-mom now conveyed
Both you fuckers strayed
Soon he will be throwing you shade
And you’ll be the one getting played
Fuck off, I’m no longer in your brigade
I will always be an upgrade

Carisa Adrienne

I wrote this a few years back while waiting for my son. I wrote it with tears because I missed my sister so much. I’ve forgiven both of them. My sister is my deepest heartache. It never felt like I was divorcing a man…but my sister. She hung the moon for me. I still love her deeply, but I now do it from a distance.

I didn’t hold back on this piece…..We all have those types of writings 😉

As I read this now…..I laugh so hard  😉

Makes me think of Taylor Swift’s song….

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Paradise in Hell


I hope your hell is filled with…

beautiful smiles

vibrant pictures

favorite songs

forgiving eyes

kind voices

wild nights








Of Me

Carisa Adrienne

So many are trigger happy…

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