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It’s Not Easy…

Dear Boys,

It’s not easy…




Rx for Life

Doctors, books, and graphs don’t always see

Heart, mind, and blood are a part of me

My body may be broken, but I’ve got a plan

Don’t tell me I can’t because I know I can

My heart is pumping so get out my way

My mind conquering come what may

Tell me my odds and what they’re


So I can start moving and knocking them out
Get ready for miracles for all to see

Maybe you should be studying me

Carisa Adrienne


Muhammad Ali is the greatest motivational poet. Oh my, how he can make me laugh too.

This quote always makes my heart start pumping, “I’m a show you how great I am.”

Muhammad Ali repeated over and over how great he was. He convinced himself and the world he truly was.



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