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What The…

I might say Damn, Shit or Fuck
Sorry if it offends you
They’re things I say when I’m out of luck

Forgive me if you hate the sound
I’m really a good girl
They’re words I only whisper or write down

Carisa Adrienne

(Blow the fucking speakers out)



Goodbye to You


I wrote a piece with these words back in 2003.

This song is so fitting ❤

Let Him Sleep!

I fell in love with this…


What if?

What’s the greatest gift you could give?

The gift of life?

I think so..

Check the little box on your drivers license. 

I’m going away for a few days to relax! Yay me! Hope to catch up on reading when I get back. Have a great weekend. ❤️

Let me leave you with a song that is so powerful. Starting off the video doesn’t seem exciting but if you watch the whole video… It will be worth it. It’s hard for me to watch… But I’m always glad I did. : ) 



No matter how many crashes

The Phoenix rises from the ashes

-Carisa Adrienne

Failing and it’s spectacular

Sometimes when we fail, we inspire others more than if we succeed.

Never give up!

At the 1992 Olympics, Derek Redmond fell in a race he was favored to win.

What happened next is something I will never forget. A man breaks through the barriers to help him finish the race.

This shows how we must continue on, and always help those who have fallen.

I’ve helped some when they have fallen. Still, I will never be able to account for The ones who have helped me.

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

My mother’s grace and love always picked me up. I miss her beyond words. This always makes me think of her. 

Raising Kids 

Don’t raise your kids to have more, raise them to be more ❤️

Carisa Adrienne

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Time lord

I’m the Time lord  today ❤️

Mom and Walker (age 10) 

  • Walker: “Mom, what are we doing today?”
  • (Walker is talking British)
  • Me: “Walker, why are you talking like that?”
  • Walker: “I’m getting older and  my voice is changing.”
  • Me: “Wait, what does that have to do with you talking in a British accent?”
  • Walker: “You and Dad, always said  when Joshy, was going through puberty his voice changed!”

I felt like I did hundreds of crunches. You’re the funniest kid ❤️

I Am A Champion

I listen to this everyday. It’s always playing in my head.

It is inspiring and it gives me courage. Truly, one of my favorite videos.

When I first found this video it had 4,000 views. The video has close to 17,000,000 views now.

My boys listen to me chant the words..

They respond loudly…. I AM A CHAMPION!

The words benefit me more than my boys. However, it brings peace knowing they know the creed too.

It’s very fitting for the battle of life.

When my boys are near I use these  words…

Boys, I’ve been honored to mother you

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