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Open Your Eyes


One day I won’t dream with my eyes firmly closed 

I’ll dream in vibrant colors with my hazel’s fully exposed 

Wide eyed gazing at the blessings I’ve longed to hold 

A token, I wouldn’t  trade for all the world’s  gold 

Carisa Adrienne


Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I’m finally becoming the woman you always knew I could be. I miss you more and more each day.



Slow Down


Darling, slow down before you go to fast
Savoring every moment making heaven last
Let’s drink champagne and make a toast
Speaking of greatness in the utmost


Make me drunk on your kisses so deep
Staying awake for hours – No need for sleep
We only get one chance to remember it right
So slow down and make it last all night

Carisa Adrienne



Let me be…


Let me be the…

beat to your heart
finish to your start
ink to your pen
guilt to your sin


Let me be the…

lyrics to your song
right to your wrong
curves to your trace
smile to your face


Let me be the…

answer to your why
stars to your sky
eyes to your view
me to your you


Carisa Adrienne


sinner comforts

I love me some Rita❤️ I understand her immensely!


Never lose grasp of the ribbon of rope 

That carries the balloon of hope  ❤️

Carisa Adrienne 9/5/2015


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If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions


Sometimes you’ve got to be your own hero…


Old school love


Gimme that old school love

The kind I love to write of

True innocence of this girl

As pure as the rarest pearl

Genuine passion of the boy

Grinning, classic being coy

So gimme that old school love

The kind where I smile just thinking of

-Carisa Adrienne


Just a little poem I couldn’t get out of my head today ❤️

Broken Crayons can still color in the lines ❤️


Maybe broken but I can still color a beautiful  picture ❤️

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