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The Wreckage

Missing those beautiful baby blues
My tears use them as a creative muse
Quickly breaking the speed of sound
No more thumping can be found


Scouring the wreckage of my heart
Searching for a beat to slowly start
Finding a broken vessel in need of a crew
Navigating waters of the deep sea blue


Carisa Adrienne


My Favorite

One of my favorite videos of my life. It was Christmas of 2015. My boy is one of the only people who can make me laugh like that. He makes me laugh loud and innocently.

It’s only 9 seconds long.. But I’ve watched it for hours today.

I’m truly blessed..


Burn Baby Burn

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Heartbreaking moments happen in one sweep
Leaving remnants of broken dreams to reap
Big brown eyes once full of mischievous light
Searching for your spirit to win this fight
I’ll beg, borrow or steal…. I have no shame
Strike the match illuminate your flame
Willing to sell my soul for yours in return
Igniting your fire… burn baby burn 



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