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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I’m finally becoming the woman you always knew I could be. I miss you more and more each day.



Slow Down


Darling, slow down before you go to fast
Savoring every moment making heaven last
Let’s drink champagne and make a toast
Speaking of greatness in the utmost


Make me drunk on your kisses so deep
Staying awake for hours – No need for sleep
We only get one chance to remember it right
So slow down and make it last all night

Carisa Adrienne



My SideKick

Thought I would post one of my favorite pieces again…


Always by my side cruising throughout the day

We sing, dance, laugh and pray

Innocently in my arms rocking out

Schooling the teacher what life’s all about

Chubby cheeks bouncing on my hip

Lifting you high with a turn and a flip

Before long you took a long-awaited stand

Now when we roll we stroll hand in hand

It’s been years now but you’d still be my pick

My boy, you’ll forever be my rocking sidekick

-Carisa Adrienne (Aka) Mom

8/4/ 2015



Never Break Four Things In Your Life….

Such Powerful Words!!

Thoughts Flash Drive

Sad Man

Never break four things in your life :-

  1. Trust
  2. Promise
  3. Relation
  4. Heart

Because when they break they

don’t make noise but pains a lot.

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Rx for Life

Doctors, books, and graphs don’t always see

Heart, mind, and blood are a part of me

My body may be broken, but I’ve got a plan

Don’t tell me I can’t because I know I can

My heart is pumping so get out my way

My mind conquering come what may

Tell me my odds and what they’re


So I can start moving and knocking them out
Get ready for miracles for all to see

Maybe you should be studying me

Carisa Adrienne


Muhammad Ali is the greatest motivational poet. Oh my, how he can make me laugh too.

This quote always makes my heart start pumping, “I’m a show you how great I am.”

Muhammad Ali repeated over and over how great he was. He convinced himself and the world he truly was.



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Protected: Arms 

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No matter how many crashes

The Phoenix rises from the ashes

-Carisa Adrienne

Be a Simple Man 

To Both My Loves…

I knew you’d search for me.
You can stop searching now.
I never left you.
I’m the beat in your heart.
I’m the arms that embrace you.
I’m the gravity that grounds you
I’m the bones that help you fight.
I’m the skin that protects you.
I’m the sin that asks for forgiveness.
I’m the dreams that visit you.
I’m the eyes that fall in love.
I’m the heart that heals after broken.
I’m the ears that sees beyond beauty.
I’m the breath that is calm and deep.
I’m the mind that keeps you focused.
I’m the compassion you carry.
I’m the fool that comes alive.
I’m the lips that speek kindness.
I’m the intuition that keeps you safe.
I’m the tears that cleanses you.
I’m the music that never leaves you.
I’m the blood that runs through your soul.
I’m the feet that chase after your dreams.
I’m the fingers that grasp hope.
I’m the hands that create beauty.
I’m the scent that brings comfort.
I’m the knees that lock for challenges.
I’m the memories that love you.
I’m the link that connects you.
I’m the wings that carry you.
I am your Mother

-Mom ❤️ 8/15/2015

Words of Wisdom……

Boys, Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. ❤️

Deep Breath…Deep Breath…

I always knew I’d go through hell, to hold a piece of heaven.

I’d do it all again without skipping a beat ❤️

Forgive me for my sins. I’m on my knees praying for forgiveness. I never wanted you to have my fate. I’ll take your debt. I’ll repay anything for you. I’ll take your burdens…

Failing and it’s spectacular

Sometimes when we fail, we inspire others more than if we succeed.

Never give up!

At the 1992 Olympics, Derek Redmond fell in a race he was favored to win.

What happened next is something I will never forget. A man breaks through the barriers to help him finish the race.

This shows how we must continue on, and always help those who have fallen.

I’ve helped some when they have fallen. Still, I will never be able to account for The ones who have helped me.

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

My mother’s grace and love always picked me up. I miss her beyond words. This always makes me think of her. 

Raising Kids 

Don’t raise your kids to have more, raise them to be more ❤️

Carisa Adrienne

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