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Everyone Has a Body But Not Every Body Has a Soul


I don’t want a beautiful chiseled face
Mesmerized by endless stunning grace

I don’t thirst for ferocious ecstasies to thrill
Hunger for compassion and good will

I don’t long for fingertips tracing flawless skin
Yearn for calming solace from within

I don’t drown in blue eyes deep as the oceans
Rise from bottomless humane emotions

Don’t let spellbinding desires be in control
Everyone has a body but not every body has a soul


Carisa Adrienne




I experienced struggles at a young age. The three places a child should feel safe is home, school and church. Those places were my prisons. The people dressed in kindness didn’t have  souls to match. I never felt stable and safe. I didn’t find comfort through my eyes but through my heart.

The silver lining was my heart searched for beautiful souls.

I believe I’m able to love deeper and more sincere. My heart is able to pulsate along with beautiful souls.

I’ve been in love millions of times. When 9 /11 happened, I fell in love with every single soul. I didn’t see every image of heroism, but my heart-felt their compassion. I still carry those feelings inside.

I’ll never forget the courage of the firefighters. When people were racing down the stairs, they were running up. Knowing the danger inside the towers, but their souls carried them. Many did not survive, but their compassion lives on.


I feel the same way about the valor of the military. My heart drums because of their courage and passion. They inspire me with their need to help others. Motivating me to help others too.

I’ve fallen in love with the beautiful souls on WordPress too. I’m moved to tears and smiles as I read your writings. I can feel the emotions you’re expressing deep within. I’m grateful for the beautiful writings shared. They have changed me in so many ways.

Thank you for inspiring me and helping me become a better person. Your heart beats along with mine. Reviving my body and breathing life into my soul when I’m struggling.

I’ve had a hectic few months and have missed so many posts. I will catch up very soon! Forgive me ❤

Much <3,

(I can’t stop watching this gif)


Life’s Twists and Turns (Rachel)




No words spoken everything is known
She stands behind me so I’m not alone
Tenderly braiding my long blonde hair
With every tug I hear a silent prayer
Silence is poetic when nothing makes sense
No facades conveyed no false pretense
Her strength is my foundation with nothing to compare
Whispering her hymns with every twist and turn of my hair.

Carisa Adrienne

Handsome or Hand Some

Sitting in the back with my hat pulled low
Watching all the beautiful people come and go
Mesmerizing my eyes, but not my heart
Only when combined are they a work of art
Hoping my heart will see the kindness we all need
Where there’s selflessness and no greed
I see alluring images with kindness in disguise
Beauty is seen with my ears not my eyes

Carisa Adrienne 

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