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365 Days (Justice for Cobie Tyner)

365 Days (Justice For Cobie Tyner) 


Broken Angel(a)


Long chestnut hair with curls that were complete

Big brown eyes and when she smiled it felt like a dream

Dimples so deep you’d get lost in them

Her beauty was the envy of all

She was the oldest of six kids, and I was youngest

She is someone who helped shape my mind and spirit

I remember as a little girl I would see her paint her nails

She held the most beautiful nails

They were always filed and painted

Always perfectly round with shine

I use to sit to the side of the couch and she mesmerized me with her gift

One of the most vivid memories is her walking down the hospital corridor and crying

My heart aching knowing she was broken that day

I felt my eyes filling up with tears

She had just endured a vicious rape and attack

The hospital making her feel violated again to collect evidence

To help capture and prosecute the devil on the run

Her hands were over her eyes not wanting people to discover her

 Perhaps she didn’t want to see the world

All I know is her nails weren’t the same as they were the day before

I had never seen her nails so short

No longer perfectly round

No longer smooth with color

They were jagged and broken

The way I knew she felt within

As well, the way I felt too



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My sister and I share many challenges in our lives

She helped prepare me for struggles no one can prepare you for

She is my perfect Angel(a)

The man who raped my sister was a serial rapist

He was caught after being named one of our cities Most Wanted

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I Am A Champion

I listen to this everyday. It’s always playing in my head.

It is inspiring and it gives me courage. Truly, one of my favorite videos.

When I first found this video it had 4,000 views. The video has close to 17,000,000 views now.

My boys listen to me chant the words..

They respond loudly…. I AM A CHAMPION!

The words benefit me more than my boys. However, it brings peace knowing they know the creed too.

It’s very fitting for the battle of life.

When my boys are near I use these  words…

Boys, I’ve been honored to mother you

Broken Crayons can still color in the lines ❤️


Maybe broken but I can still color a beautiful  picture ❤️

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