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Today I need an inhaler and a calculator!!!


BUSY DAY!!!!!!

Someone call CSI

I just killed my workout 😎

Dear fat prepare to die

Take your friends and say goodbye

I’m a sniper that’s no lie

Shooting my butt, arms and thigh

So I’ll feel good and look so fly

You think your smooth cunning and sly

Enticing me with candy and apple pie

I’ll just laugh and box you in the eye

My dear sweet sweet fat bye-bye

Carisa Adrienne


Sometimes you just need to pound the stress out and laugh….. Sometimes…

Goals for today….love.. laugh.. live.. Workout…and be hilarious..

check, check, check, check, and CHECK ❤️ 

sinner comforts

I love me some Rita❤️ I understand her immensely!

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