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365 Days (Justice for Cobie Tyner)

365 Days (Justice For Cobie Tyner) 


Open Your Eyes


One day I won’t dream with my eyes firmly closed 

I’ll dream in vibrant colors with my hazel’s fully exposed 

Wide eyed gazing at the blessings I’ve longed to hold 

A token, I wouldn’t  trade for all the world’s  gold 

Carisa Adrienne


Blow Me


I’m trying to be everything you need
Giving affection Taking demands
No matter what I can’t succeed

Am I going up or about to fall
Giving all I have Taking all I want
Fuck you, Fuck me, Fuck it all

Carisa Adrienne





giphy (11)

I see you made a trade
Desperation is what you portrayed
Your eyes always full of jade
Sisters aren’t suppose to be betrayed
My husband only got you laid
Darling.. Together we were homemade
I realize it was all a masquerade
When did you start this charade
Broken by the actions you made
He is meaningless in this tirade
Now bad blood is displayed
With aunt and Step-mom now conveyed
Both you fuckers strayed
Soon he will be throwing you shade
And you’ll be the one getting played
Fuck off, I’m no longer in your brigade
I will always be an upgrade

Carisa Adrienne

I wrote this a few years back while waiting for my son. I wrote it with tears because I missed my sister so much. I’ve forgiven both of them. My sister is my deepest heartache. It never felt like I was divorcing a man…but my sister. She hung the moon for me. I still love her deeply, but I now do it from a distance.

I didn’t hold back on this piece…..We all have those types of writings 😉

As I read this now…..I laugh so hard  😉

Makes me think of Taylor Swift’s song….

giphy (8)

giphy (12)

Take Your Time



Take your time I’ve nowhere to be
Take your time I’m sitting patiently
Take your time even though it’s late
Take your time everything else can wait

Carisa Adrienne Waiting



My Addictions


Never smoked a cigarette
Never smoked marijuana
Never drink
Never taken illegal drugs

I’ve been addicted to 2 things my whole life

1.) Gum
2.) Love

I’m on my 3rd pack today
And the other might be the death of me..

Funny, isn’t it? Love may kill me

Carisa Adrienne  Broken



Mr. Piano Man

(Forgive my voice cracking I have a sore throat)


Mr. Piano Man play my favorite song
I know the words so I’ll sing along

You wrote the lyrics just for me
Elegant chords with every key
Mesmerized sitting with your baby grand
Beautiful melody with the touch of your hand
Hammering away on the black and whites
Heart dancing with much delight
Pedaling notes singing my favorite song
Laying on your piano where I belong

Carisa Adrienne

giphy (1)

Photography girl sitting on piano

Impossible or I’m Possible

As I fall to knees 

Screaming heart-wrenching pleas 

My brown-eyed boy filled with disease 

So little so young with no guarantees 

Carisa Adrienne


Joshua, thank you for reminding me of this…


My heart’s new address

You’re trying to come back and mess with me

But I’ve already changed the lock and key

Carisa Adrienne


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