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Today I need an inhaler and a calculator!!!


BUSY DAY!!!!!!

Shake down

Trouble is what I want

My fiery heart I will flaunt

Shake this good girl dress

I’m no angel I must confess

Forcing a smile and so meek

Give me just one night to be a freak

 Carisa Adrienne

Sometimes you need one night to just breathe

To remind yourself you are more than what your title is

Who doesn’t love Shakira??

Yup! ❤️

Let me be…


Let me be the…

beat to your heart
finish to your start
ink to your pen
guilt to your sin


Let me be the…

lyrics to your song
right to your wrong
curves to your trace
smile to your face


Let me be the…

answer to your why
stars to your sky
eyes to your view
me to your you


Carisa Adrienne


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