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Three Minutes


Give me three minutes of your time
You could tenderly explain your crime
Perhaps I’d forgive your heart’s treason
Make me understand – Give me one reason
Maybe your mind was stolen for a day or so
The winds blowing hard you had to let go
Wonder if remorse floods your heart
Waves of blood flowing back to the start

Back to simpler times without doubt
No rooms filled with shame to clear out
Maybe if you’d cry just one tear for me
I could be unshackled and set free

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Carisa Adrienne

I wrote this at 4 am today.

My sister has been on my mind.

I wish I could stop loving her the way I do….

Blow Me


I’m trying to be everything you need
Giving affection Taking demands
No matter what I can’t succeed

Am I going up or about to fall
Giving all I have Taking all I want
Fuck you, Fuck me, Fuck it all

Carisa Adrienne





I grew up in a household where judging was normal. I was constantly judged too. It made my confidence struggle and it still does sometimes. It made me become someone who doesn’t judge. No one is perfect… Including me. This young man wrote what I’ve tried to write for years. He is extremely talented!

No Beginning & No End

I bet you sleep

On a bed

Of fifty pound notes

And dream

Of all the experiences

Your money hasn’t bought you yet

Like falling in love

At the sight of someone


Seeing a full moon

After a hard day’s work

Being able to talk to someone

Who isn’t presenting

Their best self to you

Rather being normal

Even grumpy



At least

Being real

And while you sit there now

On your throne

Handing down


I wonder if

Before your reality sleeps

Where your augmented thoughts

Belie your bourgeois affronts

You look in the mirror

And feel pangs of disappointment

And your soul

Slowly slipping away

Like melted wax

Swallowing a flame


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Rise Up



One more chance to make it right

Making promises holding on tight

No more tears or falling behind

Moving forward because I can’t rewind

Standing tall with one foot in the grave

Climbing out my soul I will save

Leaving my demons encased below

I’ve been forgiven time to let go 

Shedding my shame for the new me

Rising up……now I’m free

Carisa Adrienne


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Paradise in Hell


I hope your hell is filled with…

beautiful smiles

vibrant pictures

favorite songs

forgiving eyes

kind voices

wild nights








Of Me

Carisa Adrienne

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