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Blow Me


I’m trying to be everything you need
Giving affection Taking demands
No matter what I can’t succeed

Am I going up or about to fall
Giving all I have Taking all I want
Fuck you, Fuck me, Fuck it all

Carisa Adrienne




Eclipse of the Lips


giphy (1)

Feeling the bitterness rising to your lips
Furious words from your mouth drips
Fuming, livid, irate emotions are the only sound
Affection, devotion, love no longer surrounds
Once full of respect with fireworks to thrill
Now Irritated, resentful rage is what we feel
Listening, watching chills me to the bone
Can’t inhale words once they’re blown
Unreasonable temper starts to fly
Sitting in silence, head down, exhaling a sigh
Hearing the intensity shatters my core
You won the battle but lost so much more
Revealing thoughts have passed your lips
Your needs surpassed mine in the eclipse

Carisa Adrienne




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