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Broken Halo



Slowly sliding off this wedding band
Once a halo glowing on my hand
Glistening moments of vibrant force
Moving together staying the course
Burning my skin a legacy so small
Growing wild dreams for one and all
No more allegiance or obligations to fill
No longer smitten with passions to thrill
Once a symbol of two souls brand new
Now we are one soul splitting into two

Carisa Adrienne



The whole truth…..

I posted this post last week on accident. It was something I wrote 3 months ago in my drafts rather pen and paper. It was never meant to be seen. I deleted it immediately. I had many emails and comments asking where it went. I’m humbled by the kind words of everyone who encouraged me to post it. I decided to finish the piece and repost it.

My oldest son, Joshua, and I play a music game. When we are driving we take turns listening to each other’s playlists. He is nearly 15 years now and talking isn’t one of his favorite things. I believe listening to someone’s playlist might be one of the best ways to understand them.

I will play a song and vice versa. I can sense the emotion he is feeling and my hope is he can sense mine too. I feel humor, love and struggle when he plays his playlist.

Joshua has had a complicated life. I am so proud how he has handled taxing situations. His father (my ex-husband) and my older sister are now married. They have now been married for over ten years. They were together before he was born. Through my FBI skills (😉) I was able to figure out their web of illusion.

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I see you made a trade
Desperation is what you portrayed
Your eyes always full of jade
Sisters aren’t suppose to be betrayed
My husband only got you laid
Darling.. Together we were homemade
I realize it was all a masquerade
When did you start this charade
Broken by the actions you made
He is meaningless in this tirade
Now bad blood is displayed
With aunt and Step-mom now conveyed
Both you fuckers strayed
Soon he will be throwing you shade
And you’ll be the one getting played
Fuck off, I’m no longer in your brigade
I will always be an upgrade

Carisa Adrienne

I wrote this a few years back while waiting for my son. I wrote it with tears because I missed my sister so much. I’ve forgiven both of them. My sister is my deepest heartache. It never felt like I was divorcing a man…but my sister. She hung the moon for me. I still love her deeply, but I now do it from a distance.

I didn’t hold back on this piece…..We all have those types of writings 😉

As I read this now…..I laugh so hard  😉

Makes me think of Taylor Swift’s song….

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