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Secret Weapon

If you’re sticking to your guns, make sure you’re not shooting blanks. 😉

-Carisa Adrienne


Hit Me

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Rise up with courage fight the beast
Be brave- Be wild- Or he will feast
His appetite is fierce he won’t give in
Leaving massive scars deep within
Gather up your anguish to fight the savage
Ready for clemency Ready to ravage
Release your heartache to be your drive
Leading to its death but you will survive

Carisa Adrienne




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I Am A Champion

I listen to this everyday. It’s always playing in my head.

It is inspiring and it gives me courage. Truly, one of my favorite videos.

When I first found this video it had 4,000 views. The video has close to 17,000,000 views now.

My boys listen to me chant the words..

They respond loudly…. I AM A CHAMPION!

The words benefit me more than my boys. However, it brings peace knowing they know the creed too.

It’s very fitting for the battle of life.

When my boys are near I use these  words…

Boys, I’ve been honored to mother you

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