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Everyone Has a Body But Not Every Body Has a Soul


I don’t want a beautiful chiseled face
Mesmerized by endless stunning grace

I don’t thirst for ferocious ecstasies to thrill
Hunger for compassion and good will

I don’t long for fingertips tracing flawless skin
Yearn for calming solace from within

I don’t drown in blue eyes deep as the oceans
Rise from bottomless humane emotions

Don’t let spellbinding desires be in control
Everyone has a body but not every body has a soul


Carisa Adrienne




I experienced struggles at a young age. The three places a child should feel safe is home, school and church. Those places were my prisons. The people dressed in kindness didn’t have  souls to match. I never felt stable and safe. I didn’t find comfort through my eyes but through my heart.

The silver lining was my heart searched for beautiful souls.

I believe I’m able to love deeper and more sincere. My heart is able to pulsate along with beautiful souls.

I’ve been in love millions of times. When 9 /11 happened, I fell in love with every single soul. I didn’t see every image of heroism, but my heart-felt their compassion. I still carry those feelings inside.

I’ll never forget the courage of the firefighters. When people were racing down the stairs, they were running up. Knowing the danger inside the towers, but their souls carried them. Many did not survive, but their compassion lives on.


I feel the same way about the valor of the military. My heart drums because of their courage and passion. They inspire me with their need to help others. Motivating me to help others too.

I’ve fallen in love with the beautiful souls on WordPress too. I’m moved to tears and smiles as I read your writings. I can feel the emotions you’re expressing deep within. I’m grateful for the beautiful writings shared. They have changed me in so many ways.

Thank you for inspiring me and helping me become a better person. Your heart beats along with mine. Reviving my body and breathing life into my soul when I’m struggling.

I’ve had a hectic few months and have missed so many posts. I will catch up very soon! Forgive me ❤

Much <3,

(I can’t stop watching this gif)


Slow Down


Darling, slow down before you go to fast
Savoring every moment making heaven last
Let’s drink champagne and make a toast
Speaking of greatness in the utmost


Make me drunk on your kisses so deep
Staying awake for hours – No need for sleep
We only get one chance to remember it right
So slow down and make it last all night

Carisa Adrienne



Echoing Your Soul



Lying alone listening to your favorite song

Whispering words as I sing along
Playing on repeat as I calmly reflect
Spinning word for word trying to dissect

My eyes softly flutter with each tear
Moments of uncertainty becoming clear

Lying alone listening to your favorite song
No music on while I sing along
Tasting salty tears with each word
Consoling blues easily being heard

My mind is the record player as I dwell
Echoing your soul chanting heaven and hell

Carisa Adrienne



recprd player


Three Minutes


Give me three minutes of your time
You could tenderly explain your crime
Perhaps I’d forgive your heart’s treason
Make me understand – Give me one reason
Maybe your mind was stolen for a day or so
The winds blowing hard you had to let go
Wonder if remorse floods your heart
Waves of blood flowing back to the start

Back to simpler times without doubt
No rooms filled with shame to clear out
Maybe if you’d cry just one tear for me
I could be unshackled and set free

zeroes 6

Carisa Adrienne

I wrote this at 4 am today.

My sister has been on my mind.

I wish I could stop loving her the way I do….

Devouring My Essence (NSFW 18+ Only)


My essence craves your lips along my skin
Shivers of excitement rise from within
Giving my curves the attention they seek
Fingertips tracing over my nipples peak Read more…

Broken Halo



Slowly sliding off this wedding band
Once a halo glowing on my hand
Glistening moments of vibrant force
Moving together staying the course
Burning my skin a legacy so small
Growing wild dreams for one and all
No more allegiance or obligations to fill
No longer smitten with passions to thrill
Once a symbol of two souls brand new
Now we are one soul splitting into two

Carisa Adrienne



My Own Two Hands


My hands holding baby Cole without a heartbeat
My hands swaying baby Emma, who’s in remission
My hands embracing baby Jaxon’s mom, fearing his diagnosis
My hands running baby Natalie’s lab with my eyes filled with tears
My hands fist pumping baby Dylan’s own tiny fists
My hands coloring with baby Noah, whose life will be short but sweet
My hands reprimand baby Jack’s dad for drinking and driving
My hands high-five Bailey’s hands for being accepted into Stanford
My hands, giving baby Carter immunizations to stay well
My hands praying baby Madison will stay awake as we run across the air bridge
My hands hitting the wall with anger because baby Madison passed on
My hands blowing kisses to baby Oliver, who says, “I lub you Cissy!”
My hands comfort baby Justice’s mom who was never granted it for herself
My hands holding Taylor’s mom’s hands after she took her life
My hands, wiping away my tears thinking of beautiful Taylor, who had it all
My hands bitten by baby Cruz who’s anxious about his lip being sutured up
My hands excited to hear about Sasha’s prom date – I used to call her baby Sasha too
My hands, humming with baby Axle’s head between my chin and chest
My hands, laughing at little Cash’s jokes he loves to tell
My hands coming unglued at baby Lilly’s dad because of her bruised little body
My hands couldn’t stop my mouth from screaming my despair at baby Lilly’s dad
My hands broken seeing baby Luca in a coffin  He tried to swim, but couldn’t
My hands learning handshakes from little Reese’s hands – We met when he was 7 days old now he is 7 years old
My hands have helped little lives grow into beautiful souls
My hands have helped beautiful souls peacefully pass on from this world
No matter what my hands are holding it’s done with limitless LOVE ❤️

Carisa Adrienne

The song My Own Two Hands  is an amazing song



Hit Me

200 (5)



Rise up with courage fight the beast
Be brave- Be wild- Or he will feast
His appetite is fierce he won’t give in
Leaving massive scars deep within
Gather up your anguish to fight the savage
Ready for clemency Ready to ravage
Release your heartache to be your drive
Leading to its death but you will survive

Carisa Adrienne




200 (3)

200 (23)



Blow Me


I’m trying to be everything you need
Giving affection Taking demands
No matter what I can’t succeed

Am I going up or about to fall
Giving all I have Taking all I want
Fuck you, Fuck me, Fuck it all

Carisa Adrienne




Mother&Son 5-7-5

It’s a beautiful feeling when someone feels the emotions I write. When someone is inspired to write about your words themselves… Well, that’s spectacular 😉 Nothing.. I mean nothing, can describe the feeling when it’s inspired because of your child.. ❤️
Ryan is an amazing writer who moves me with his words. I know he will do the same for you.

days of stone


For C&J


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