Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

Moving on


33 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Aww, shucks. 😚

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  2. And this was great Little story told through graphics

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    • Ahhh… You like it, huh? Thank you ; )
      How are you my best little friend?
      What’s happening?
      I haven’t looked at my reader yet?
      Any new pieces today?
      How is the new computer???❤️


      • When you say little friend are you talking about…..anyways anyhows, I was actually looking today at your gravatar and you actually look pretty close to a girl a was once with, it was friend with benefits nothing serious. So what I´m saying is that you should be grateful for comunicating with the Spanish Brad Pitt.
        My computer? Sucks really, but at least I have one.
        Today? I woke up at 6 a.m posted at around 7 and then at 2 p.m Spanish time which over there….. I have no clue what time it would be. If you´re in the East cost is 6 hours less than here, if it´s Central time is 8 hours less and if you´re on the West coast is 9 hours.
        And what´s happening overall? For now good, got on Friday a letter telling me that they´re going to fine me for urinating in public during the festivities that happened in August, they want me to pay between 7,50 and maybe up to 1,500$. So now I´ll have to give a written reply by the end of this week saying my side, give it to the pólice and they´ll go on from there. They will eventually fine me, which I´m not going to pay, I´m just prolonging the process. But I don´t have that kind of money. I can´t even count how many fines I have paid already actually. And on March of next year I have to go to trial for something that happened 6 years ago So the wheel of justice go slow but eventually do get on to you sooner or later. Although it could have been sooner since now that I have my life pointing in the right direction if they do send me to jail then everything that I have build is going to be put up on hold. It was robery, I tried to brake into a liquor store late at night when I was on the streets. So that´s that, fuck´em, been in worst places with worst people than in jail, so they can do whatever they want. It is my first felony offense though of that type, the other one was for breaking the arm of a bouncer in a disco (long story that one) and I did go to jail for that one, so I doub´t they give me jail for this offense, but who knows.
        So, how is your day?

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    • Whaaaaaaaaa????
      I didn’t see this comment until now!!!!
      Charly.. I am not worthy of being held in the same category as such!!! ❤️

      Charly.. I have faith you that you can be the best you ever! I see all the beauty you have and I love it ❤️

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  3. Yes – you definitely know me. Nicely told, old friend 🙂

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  4. Bridgette's Digits on said:

    Random pictures can speak thousands of words….. I love it! ~Bridgette

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  5. The V-Pub on said:

    Amazing storytelling…powerful and poignant.

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  6. Your creativity has no bounds. Amazing post.

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  7. An interesting path you left behind you. Twists and turns which seem disjointed yet congruous – beautiful!

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  8. A journey through life with so much emotion that every sense the body and mind has, has been stroked with images. Stunning collection Carisa.


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    • Life is full of ups and downs. Hopefully the ups can sustain us through the downs. Sometimes it does… Sometimes it doesn’t. I tend to smile through the downs… ;). Just laugh and smile 😉
      Thank you, Antony! I love that you think so 🙂 It makes me smile 😉 ❤️😉🙏


  9. wafflemethis on said:

    Great visual story Carisa, I love it❤

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  10. revengestar on said:

    this blog slays

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  11. you have an incredibly creative way of telling a story and i really like it – beth

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  12. kiss to kill
    live to thrill
    hell bent
    for leather
    on another steamy august night!

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