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Devouring My Essence (NSFW 18+ Only)


My essence craves your lips along my skin
Shivers of excitement rise from within
Giving my curves the attention they seek
Fingertips tracing over my nipples peak Read more…




I need a tall dark handsome stranger
Whose thirst and hunger is vast
Leading this angel to fleshly danger
A lustful appetite firm and steadfast

Let me be your jack drink from my cup
Next to your lips now let me flow
Drink every drop lick it all up
Feel me going down ever so slow

Pouring my potion into your glass
Bind my hands don’t let me go
Eagerly swallowing with each pass
Painfully pleasing to and fro

Let me be your addicting fix
Tasting my ecstasy with every sip
Open me up see all my tricks
Fantasies fullfilled on this seductive trip


Carisa Adrienne

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