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Living no spectacular life, nothing to be craved
Bearing colossal scars life has engraved
Course jagged sins stitched up just for me
Bitter screams pleading, echoing to be free
Wounds bubbling up wanting to be heard
Epic sounds screeching word for word
Voices seeping out battling for my soul
Begging for strength and self-control
Holding my breath silencing the cries
Hiding the woman before your eyes

Carisa Adrienne

The song may not go with the poem.

However, I can’t seem to stop playing it…..




Leader of the pack…

  Always adapt to new things ❤️

I remind myself of this daily 



I’m just realizing this. I’ve always tried to explain my actions to all. Even if someone loves you that doesn’t mean they will understand your actions. 

Recently, I realized exactly what  this quote means. It’s so simple but it was hard for me to stop explaining. Now that I don’t explain certain aspects… I feel so free ❤️



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