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Secret Weapon

If you’re sticking to your guns, make sure you’re not shooting blanks. ūüėČ

-Carisa Adrienne


Open Your Eyes


One day I won’t dream with my eyes firmly closed¬†

I’ll dream in¬†vibrant colors with my hazel’s fully exposed¬†

Wide eyed gazing at the blessings I’ve longed to hold¬†

A token, I wouldn’t ¬†trade for all the world’s ¬†gold¬†

Carisa Adrienne


Shadow Dancing


Lost and shattered without you here
No words of wisdom for me to hear
Spinning madly out of control
Falling down the rabbit hole

On my knees trembling to stand
Searching for your helping hand
Reaching up, but failing to grasp
Pleading with each and every gasp


Bargaining for just a mere glance
Grant me one last song and dance
Intertwine your fingers with mine
Shadow dancing on cloud nine


Feeling the calmness of your skin
For a moment I’m whole once again



Carisa Adrienne

Stalked to Stalker

giphy (1)

Since I was stalked by a stalker…

I memorize your face within a few moments of seeing you.
I recognize your cologne and whether it’s heavy, normal or faintly worn.
I observe you before I enter a surrounding to see what you’re doing.
I repeat your license plate number, color, type of car you drive.
I carry at least one weapon with me at all times.
I wear a baseball cap so I can pull it down low and blend in.
I read, watch and listen to experts talk about ways to escape an assault.
I analyze everything I hear you say to learn more about you.

Now it seems I’m¬†the stalker ¬†¬†

Carisa Adrienne

This piece has been on my mind…. So I reposted it



Drive Me Home



Spinning my wheels but going nowhere

Exhausted feeling broken beyond repair

Carrying burdens from years ago

Overpaying debts I didn’t owe

Trying to ease guilt I shouldn’t feel

Pleading for redemption to help me heal

Calibrate – Balance – Rectify me

Feeling brand new by turning the key

Carisa Adrienne



Well this place is old
It feels just like a beat up truck
I turn the engine, but the engine doesn’t turn
Well it smells of cheap wine, cigarettes
This place is always such a mess
Sometimes I think I’d like to watch it burn
I’m so alone and I feel just like somebody else
Man, I ain’t changed, but I know I ain’t the same
But somewhere here in between the city walls of dyin’ dreams
I think of death, it must be killin’ me

Hey, hey hey come on try a little
Nothing is forever
There’s got to be something better than
In the middle
But me and Cinderella
We put it all together
We can drive it home
With one headlight

-The Wallflowers (partial lyrics)

Written by Jakob Dylan

Everyone Has a Body But Not Every Body Has a Soul


I don’t want¬†a beautiful chiseled face
Mesmerized by endless stunning grace

I don’t thirst for ferocious ecstasies to thrill
Hunger for compassion and good will

I don’t long for fingertips tracing flawless skin
Yearn for calming solace from within

I don’t drown in¬†blue eyes deep as the oceans
Rise from bottomless humane emotions

Don’t let spellbinding desires be in control
Everyone has a body but not every body has a soul


Carisa Adrienne




I experienced struggles at a young age. The three places a child should feel safe is home, school and church. Those places were my prisons. The people dressed in kindness didn’t¬†have ¬†souls to match. I never felt stable and safe.¬†I didn’t find comfort through my¬†eyes but¬†through my heart.

The silver lining was my heart searched for beautiful souls.

I believe I’m able to love deeper and more sincere. My heart is able to pulsate along with beautiful souls.

I’ve been in love millions of times. When¬†9 /11 happened, I fell in love with every¬†single soul. I didn’t see every¬†image of heroism, but my heart-felt their compassion. I still carry those feelings inside.

I’ll never forget the courage of the firefighters. When people were racing down the stairs, they were running up. Knowing the danger inside the towers,¬†but their souls¬†carried them. Many¬†did not survive, but their compassion lives on.


I feel the same way about the valor of the military. My heart drums because of their courage and passion. They inspire me with their need to help others. Motivating me to help others too.

I’ve fallen in love with¬†the beautiful souls on WordPress too. I’m moved to¬†tears and smiles as I read your writings. I can feel the emotions¬†you’re expressing deep within.¬†I’m grateful¬†for¬†the beautiful writings shared. They have changed me in so many ways.

Thank you for inspiring me and helping me become¬†a better person. Your heart beats along with mine.¬†Reviving¬†my body and breathing life into my soul when I’m struggling.

I’ve had a¬†hectic few months and have missed so many posts. I will catch up very soon! Forgive me ‚̧

Much <3,

(I can’t stop watching this gif)






Sometimes I believe you Sometimes I don’t

Packing¬†to leave but you know I won’t

Times you run ahead Times you fall behind

Today my friend – Tomorrow fucking with my mind


Hating your truth Loving your lies

Pulling my lows Pushing my highs


Sometimes this Sometimes that

Feeling like a lion purring like a cat

Staring into your eyes questioning what I see

Always and forever‚Ķ.just little ol’ me¬†


Carisa Adrienne

This song is on my daily playlist.

I believe I am my strongest rival at times.

I fight my inner self more than anything else.

I obsess about things I should never think twice about.

When I want something so much I tend to over think things and it hurts my strategy.

I realize the girl in the mirror and I want the same thing,


Slow Down


Darling, slow down before you go to fast
Savoring every moment making heaven last
Let’s drink champagne and make a toast
Speaking of greatness in the utmost


Make me drunk on your kisses so deep
Staying awake for hours – No need for sleep
We only get one chance to remember it right
So slow down and make it last all night

Carisa Adrienne



Echoing Your Soul



Lying alone listening to your favorite song

Whispering words as I sing along
Playing on repeat as I calmly reflect
Spinning word for word trying to dissect

My eyes softly flutter with each tear
Moments of uncertainty becoming clear

Lying alone listening to your favorite song
No music on while I sing along
Tasting salty tears with each word
Consoling blues easily being heard

My mind is the record player as I dwell
Echoing your soul chanting heaven and hell

Carisa Adrienne



recprd player


Three Minutes


Give me three minutes of your time
You could tenderly explain your crime
Perhaps I’d forgive your heart’s treason
Make me understand – Give me one reason
Maybe your mind was stolen for a day or so
The winds blowing hard you had to let go
Wonder if remorse floods your heart
Waves of blood flowing back to the start

Back to simpler times without doubt
No rooms filled with shame to clear out
Maybe if you’d cry just one tear for me
I could be unshackled and set free

zeroes 6

Carisa Adrienne

I wrote this at 4 am today.

My sister has been on my mind.

I wish I¬†could stop loving her the way I do….

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