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Lucid Dreams


Drifting off intertwined and complete
Our hearts simultaneously start to beat
Protecting, praying our souls to keep
Embracing heavenly love as we sleep
Content, secure, dreaming in lucid bliss
Leaving early always placing a soft kiss
Waking, looking, wondering where you went
Suddenly remembering you are heaven sent

Carisa Adrienne


 Dead Sea

My lips harbor vitality capturing your ships soul

Rescuing you from despair of the treacherous black hole

Eyes withering without glistening glow

Drifting with speed with no place to go

Stroking your vessel with vibrant pastels

Hundreds of pennies with wishing wells

Waking your sails bringing them alive

Your broken compass begins to thrive

Anchoring against constant waves of the ocean

Navigating your travels toward the beacon of emotion

Sailing ashore with ease surpassing me

Leaving me capsized stranded in the

Dead Sea

-Carisa Adrienne


Old school love


Gimme that old school love

The kind I love to write of

True innocence of this girl

As pure as the rarest pearl

Genuine passion of the boy

Grinning, classic being coy

So gimme that old school love

The kind where I smile just thinking of

-Carisa Adrienne


Just a little poem I couldn’t get out of my head today ❤️

Fourth of July

Deep breath  calm your heart

Let your thoughts be a work of art

Allow the letters form the perfect words

Flying high among the birds

Capture all the colors from the sky

Painting it like the Fourth of July


-Carisa Adrienne 

Carry lots of Pens! 


 With Love, 

Carisa Adrienne 

Get Busy❤️🌈🎉🎊🎈

Time is going to pass no matter what we do. 

Make sure you have the Time of Your Life ❤️

Leader of the pack…

  Always adapt to new things ❤️

I remind myself of this daily 



I’m just realizing this. I’ve always tried to explain my actions to all. Even if someone loves you that doesn’t mean they will understand your actions. 

Recently, I realized exactly what  this quote means. It’s so simple but it was hard for me to stop explaining. Now that I don’t explain certain aspects… I feel so free ❤️

So many options ⬅️⬇️⬆️➡️


I love this ❤️


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