Carisa Adrienne (Peaces of)


I’m a silver linings type of girl. I’ve found my way through passages when the darkest skies lasted for years. It was then that I discovered my ability to capture the slightest glimpse of light.

I’ve learned through my travels there is always a silver lining. Discovering the silver linings doesn’t mean you are happy with a situation. It means you’ve found a source of peace in the situation. When I’m blue with despair I tend to search for a silver lining.

I don’t always see the silver lining at first. However, I pursue peace and calmness. Maybe I crave those emotions because my life is constantly the opposite.

Yes, I have my fuck you days, but I try to keep those at bay. Sometimes the ocean wins. However, those are the stormy days when the rainbow starts to emerge. The possibilities start to shine of all the greatness to come. 

What I believe heaven sounds like…