Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry





Sometimes I believe you Sometimes I don’t

Packing to leave but you know I won’t

Times you run ahead Times you fall behind

Today my friend – Tomorrow fucking with my mind


Hating your truth Loving your lies

Pulling my lows Pushing my highs


Sometimes this Sometimes that

Feeling like a lion purring like a cat

Staring into your eyes questioning what I see

Always and forever….just little ol’ me 


Carisa Adrienne

This song is on my daily playlist.

I believe I am my strongest rival at times.

I fight my inner self more than anything else.

I obsess about things I should never think twice about.

When I want something so much I tend to over think things and it hurts my strategy.

I realize the girl in the mirror and I want the same thing,


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80 thoughts on “Always

  1. Pimpf on said:

    life can be such struggle some times , I can understand and remember times of my life when I felt just as you express them here . we try to move on making our way in life . great words, illustration and song as usual 🙂

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    • You’ve always understood me. 😉I love that about you. Thank you and your words always make me feel inspired. Love when you comment. ❤️. Hope you’re well 😘

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      • Pimpf on said:

        Fine here thanks . When you speak with your heart and your guts you will always find some other people who can recognize their own path close to your own or also feeling the same way you do. I really enjoy it very pleased to read you, thanks for sharing all this with us 🙂


  2. Captain Q on said:

    We can look at this two ways. One- grateful you posted again. Two- angry you have deprived us of such beauty for so long! 😉

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  3. wafflemethis on said:

    Love it, just stop questioning everything and you’ll realize the truth is what you want it to be😊

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  4. rachel on said:

    missed your words my sweet friend. xx

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  5. thesmilingpilgrim on said:

    Buffy the vampire slayer sure is intense lol

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  6. moonskittles on said:

    Beautiful and inspirational as always Carisa! 🙂
    Dajena ❤

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  7. This is absolutely true for most of us, I think. But, if you don’t trust yourself, who will? And, I haven’t heard that song in years! Thanks for the flashback!! 😃

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  8. Welcome back. Thought provoking poetry and the video brought me back years to the wilder side of me. Be well.

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  9. Now this…..this I missed. Love you and your words, Sweet Carisa. ❤

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  10. You are a gif!
    Oh, I meant gift!
    Your wrappings are lovely.
    🙂 smiley bookends 🙂

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  11. I refuse to comment on your post!!! (oh, I guess I did). I FUCKING MISSED YOU. Sorry, for cursing. But I had to get it out. Hope you understand, Sunshine.

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  12. Love that Obsession tune!😊 On a deeper note, I think many of us struggle to get out of or to get into our inner self. I’m thinking about our struggle between being shadow or persona dominated and unifying both into Self. Fight on beautiful girl!😘

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    • Michael, I missed about 7 comments from this post. I need to figure out a way to read my dashboard better. I think you’re right. I know we all have a little angel and devil in us. Lol. I know I certainly do. I think my biggest inner fight is self doubt.
      You always make feel so good when I read your words. Thank you for being such a great buddy! 😉❤️


  13. Hot damn!

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  14. I’m not going to coax you. I’m not going to be like most and say to take it easy on yourself. I’d be a liar because that’s not what I do. If that is what you think will comfort you, you’re more than capable to indulging, but I get the strange sense you want just one more person to say to you, It’s ok…. It’s ok to live in the inner murky. No in fact, it’s the only true way. To feel the visceral reality of your you-ness. To know we suck but not to despair. To make a battle out of it, to paint and repaint and layer upon layer without care for the texture it makes. Paint on and don’t be afraid to use dark colours or dwell inside longer than needed. 🙏

    P.s. Your return poem inspired the next one for me…. There you go, some of us will see you as a muse in things you think nothing of

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    • OMGEE! I never saw this. I smiled the minute I began to read it. I always know you’ll tell me like it is. I love that about you. Your comment has made me feel so inspired. Thank you for always being such a great blogging buddy! I’m going to find the poem you wrote!! You’ve made my day. Next time you don’t hear from me let me know. I don’t get have my notifications. This is one of my all time favorite comments. Paint on my friend. ❤️😉

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  15. 🙏➰❤️😘

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  16. Wow! Torn from life this poem. Beautiful words, Carisa.
    Hugs and kisses ❤

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  17. Hi, Carisa! Deep thoughts about that confusion but in the end, we should stick with what feels good even if we cannot explain it rationally. I love the photos of you, dear! 💖

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  18. Wow! You nailed it! Awesome.
    Can’t tell you how much Iissed reading you.

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  19. moonskittles on said:

    Have missed your posts and your eye-catching gifs 🙂
    Lovely to have you back!
    Dajena ❤

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  20. Finding out who we are and how best to deal with life’s struggles is so hard sometimes… I feel a bit of where you’re at Carisa ☺

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