Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

Wish Right Now… Airplanes


So airplane, airplane, sorry I’m late

I’m on my way so don’t close that gate

If I don’t make that then I’ll switch my flight

And I’ll be right back at it by the end of the night


I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now
Wish right now
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now
Wish right now


I repeat these lyrics over and over everyday.

My boys make me smile. I will hear them singing these words under their breath.

They have no idea we repeat them for different reasons. They like the beat and the way the speakers boom when it’s played. I repeat them because sometimes it’s hard being in charge of little (big)  lives…

 image image

Below is one of my favorite pictures of them. I ran into the grocery store. I gave them $20 to go to the dollar store. My oldest snapped the picture. He wrote on it and uploaded it to his Instagram…image❤️

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35 thoughts on “Wish Right Now… Airplanes

  1. LOVE the dollar tree pic!!!! those boys are beautiful!!❤️

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  2. The V-Pub on said:

    Love the lyrics! Such wonderful moments captured on a whim by your boys. The stuff of memories that will not fade with time.

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  3. Wow Ma’am!
    You have such lovely boys!!!

    God bless you.
    About the song, I’d only say that you and I have great common choices, irrespective of the age, country, exposure!

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    • Thank you so much! They make me feel young sometimes…. We all love music so intensely. ❤️ it’s nice we have a deep connection.

      Ahhh… You like the music!
      I knew I liked you : )

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      • Hahaha .. yes, I have a liking for this song for years.

        Sometimes, that feel, that one single line sticks to you for lifetime!

        And, I like you.
        Likewise, I said. My favorite person.

        I’d be surely looking upto some guidance and learnings from you.
        And, I like your thought process and the charming personality that you are.

        This really is special, ma’am!

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  4. You got a handful on your hands, two boys….. You´re probably a Mommy “Rambo”.
    Nice little song by the way.

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    • Hehe : )
      Yup! Bandana and all : ) ❤️

      Yes! My hands are full! They are all boy!
      They are just as special as you are ❤️

      My sweet Charly… I love your comments : )


      • Well hopefully you don´t see me as a son, first because it would diminish my manhood and second……you certainly wouldn´t want a son like me, specially as a young teenager trust me

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        • Ummmmm, how old do you think I am?
          I feel like you think I have a wheelchair and medical alert button around my neck.
          Ha ha

          You are a man😉 this I know : )
          Ahhh… I think you’re pretty cool. You need to see yourself through my eyes : )


        • Good, yep I´m a man no child anymore and for a long time actually.

          Man o man, thank God so you´re not on a wheel chair. I can picture you doing wheeles when you´re 90 years old, and me racing you

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        • Good, I´ll buy the wheel chairs and we´ll have to upgrade them a bit. Paint some fire or a skull on the side and put a motor on them

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        • You’re killing me today! laughing

          Guess we will go thrift store shopping it sounds like! you must love me ❤️


        • I do love you, I think of myself as a humanitarian trying to spread my love to as many women in the world.
          You know the famous saying “once they go with me in the sack they always come back” 😉 Or probably I just invented that one and the other was something about going black, but I´m more original

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        • Ummmmm, you need to write an inspirational book! You are full of wisdom!
          ) I’d buy it!
          When being a humanitarian spreading your love to as many woman as possible..
          You’re not spreading little humans everywhere too! Hehe : )


        • The woman do call me fast food what can I say, they´re the ones who say it. I´m easy to get, tastes good for an hour and easy to dispose of. Everybody wins.
          About spreading little humans….. hopefully not, or not that I know off, although a close encounters with that possibility did occur and I just got on a boat and paddled my way to the North Pole, Santa was a cool dude, gave me shelter and hid me for a while until the storm passed.

          But yes. I´m a great humanitarian, and I strongly believe they should give me a nobel price, the peace price actually. And I did write some random post as to why if I become president of the world sex would be mandatory. In a nutshell my conclusion of this great thesis was that sex makes people happy and less stress therefore they won´t have the desire to fight wars. There you go, problem solved for world peace.

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        • Ok! You are killing me.. : ). Hehe


        • I consider myself a deep thinker, so maybe there´s a disconnect between what I think of myself and what the women perceive me-use me for……..

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        • Ahhh… I think just are very creative and endearing. I know sometimes we are vulnerable to write how we truly feel.
          So we write or act a certain way… Like our coping mechanism.

          Charly… I’m onto you… You are the sweetest thing in the world.

          If the woman doesn’t appreciate you for who you are… She isn’t special enough for you! Truth!! 100%! !!


        • I´m not all that hard to read Carisa, although I´m also full of surprises, just weird, humans are weird and complicated.
          Actually I really don´t want a woman to appreciate me for who I am, most of the time I put up an act, easy comes easy goes. No need for me to be with someone, I´m pretty content by myself and obviously once in a while a do have friends with benefits. That sounded a bit shallow, what can I say.

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        • Ahhh… Charly… I see wonderful surprises in you everyday. I do..
          Love is a double edged sword.. I hate that about love..
          But we all need love…
          Oh! Charly… I could tell you stores that would blow your mind and humans…
          You are so correct! They are weird and complicated. ❤️ ((((hugs)))))


        • Weird and complicated, that way it makes it fun right

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  5. Awwwh Carisa, this made my heart melt !!! I love this song and the way you drew meaning from it is beautiful. You’ve got a lovely family, wish you guys all the love and happiness ❤

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  6. The images are great. Dandelion is awesome and also the falling star and definitely your boys 😀 I love the song also ❤

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  7. rubiredsaid on said:

    The only reason I’ll make a wish is because you’ve invited me to!
    Hello Carisa, I hope you and those wonderful young men are fine.
    Best wishes.

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