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Soulful or Soul Fool

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Watching the vultures up high circling round

Not knowing where my soul is bound

Forgiven by all my name they did acquit

Shamed with guilt never feeling deserving of it

Aware no angel will be accompanying me

My soul in limbo never to be set free

 Carisa Adrienne

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19 thoughts on “Soulful or Soul Fool

  1. That was really good, ominous, but good 🙂

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    • Richard,
      I admire your comments and feedback.
      Love all your writings..

      I’ve learned in life we can forgive others but we can’t forgive ourselves. Even if our actions are justified. I’m learning to forgive myself.

      Thank you for reading ❤️ : )


  2. This was poignant and very deep. I don’t know about the background. But this is what spontaneously came to my mind: We often find ourselves in a place where we regret to the core what happened but know that we cannot change anything about it. This not being able to change it, altough we would give everything for it, can be tearing apart. At one point we need to understand that dwelling in the past doesn’t change anything but only makes things worse and us weaker. The only way is always the one forward. The realization what happened, the knowing what we would make better, and to act like it. We cannot change the past, but we can always and only change something today.
    It was terrible when I realized how I treated my children. I started to change my behavior at least at that moment I realized it. And some years later I told them everything and apologized.
    Your poem just reminded me of that and that I felt exactly like you wrote it.

    Much love to you, Carisa 💖

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  3. Tosha Michelle on said:

    Soulful always and your poetry is food for the soul. This one really resonates with me.

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  4. The V-Pub on said:

    One of your best entries, Carisa. 💗💗 I think that guilt is something bestowed upon, forced upon us, and ultimately we are judged by others from it. And while some of those feelings of guilt can be real, such as not telling my dad that I loved him while he was breathing his last breath, the guilt put upon me by society will never occupy a place in my heart, nor govern my choices. To that end, as much as I regret and have guilt at not telling my dad I loved him, I grew from it, learned from it, and it made me who I am today. To have guilt about it would be tantamount to regretting who I’ve become, and I don’t. Things happen in life that are unpleasant, heinous, and worse – but they bring us to where we are. I often wondered if things hadn’t happened they way that they did, would I have the children that I do? Would reliving life and taking back the events that caused my guilt be worth it? I say no. My philosophy is this – tke me as I am, with all my flaws and defects. I harbor no guilt for this.

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    • Rob! Thank you for the kind and humbling words.
      Thank you for sharing such an intimate story about your life. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your dad. I know losing a parent is one of the hardest journeys to roam.
      I’m sure your father knows you loved him.
      I think at times like that… You may not realize your actions. It’s a time of shock and heartache. You seem like the type that loves all that are near you. ❤️

      Your words have made me think about my own situation. You have spoken to my mind and heart. Thank you! 100% truth!
      You are speaking pure wisdom ❤️

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  5. Haha. Everything that you and I have, is inside the heart ❤

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    • Kabir,

      I’m about to post something I’m not sure I should.. But we should never hold back our feelings… Right?

      It’s about one of my sisters…
      I don’t know if she ever reads this…
      I wrote a few years ago.. And just came across it.

      I wrote it with tears…
      But now it makes me smile…
      So I think I’ll post it! 😁

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      • I second you completely, Carisa!
        Yes, me must not hold back ourselves or our feelings.

        Sure, please do post. I’d like to read it calmly.
        Many times I try to understand your hidden feelings in those words. This time I’ll try my best again.

        I am young and my experience in life is naive and not much deep.
        But, I’ll try.

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        • Oh! It’s pretty Straight forward. Haha
          My sister is marred to my ex-husband.. Who is the father of my oldest son.

          I have forgiven them both.
          I love her still.. And miss the gold ole days.

          I wrote one day waiting for my boy.

          It’s nothing deep.. Kinda funny now : )
          I don’t know if I hid anything in it.

          I tell it like it is… I’m a good girl.. But it was a dark time for me. I think I said words back then I never said before.

          It’s a big piece of who I am ❤️


        • Oh! I am really saddened to know about this experience.
          I may not be able to understand what you must have felt back then or what you feel now.
          But, things happen. They have their imprints on us for the rest of our lives and sometimes, an everlasting effect.

          Yet, after a while they turn us into something. For the ones who chose to fight back and stay strong, they turn us into rock-hard, good fighters.
          For the ones who stay grief stricken, life turns unfair and dark.

          I lost my father when I was 19 and now I am 25. Whatever I may be now, but there somewhere a hollowness, an emptiness and a stillness in some corner of the heart.
          And the life has lost its control.

          Well, never knew I’d share something this deep to someone like in here.

          But, Carisa 🙂
          Thank you for sharing your part to an unknown person.


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