Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

Shake down

Trouble is what I want

My fiery heart I will flaunt

Shake this good girl dress

I’m no angel I must confess

Forcing a smile and so meek

Give me just one night to be a freak

 Carisa Adrienne

Sometimes you need one night to just breathe

To remind yourself you are more than what your title is

Who doesn’t love Shakira??

Yup! ❤️

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25 thoughts on “Shake down

  1. The V-Pub on said:

    Sometimes more than one night to breathe. I love the thoughts in this post and the idea that you are greater than what your title is. And of course, Shakira rocks. 😀

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  2. Matt On Accident on said:

    ¿La Shakira? ?Donde está? Rawr-r-r-r! 😍

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  3. Matt On Accident on said:

    And, sometimes us sinners make the best saints! 😇

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  4. And it is so important to set ourselves wild and free. Beautiful lines, Carisa 🙂

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  5. Damn, you should come with me then, for on of my Friday “boogy woogy nights out”

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  6. rubiredsaid on said:

    I’m going to agree with you because it’s a kind of freedom, rebellion you owe yourself. A time to let go!
    I like this poem and feel you spoke to me.

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  7. Yup,sometimes that’s all we need. A wild night out, letting go of all the worries and just have fun, One helluva night It ought to be ! 😉

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