Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry



Dragging me around like a rag doll
Running back with every call
Making our home feel so small 
I was just your toy after all

Well baby, there’s been a recall

Carisa Adrienne


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51 thoughts on “Dollhouse

  1. The V-Pub on said:

    There’s nothing like being taken for granted. It’s an awful feeling, and one of being used and not cherished. Using the dollhouse as a metaphor and the doll contained inside it, drove home your point of being a possession. Well done, Carisa!

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    • Rob… Nope, nothing like it! I’m so glad you understand every single word.

      Most don’t know this but almost all my pieces have a cryptic message in them.
      Some are obvious.. Some are only for those who would understand them.

      This is was one of the obvious ones : )

      Did you see the last line??
      It says, “Well baby”
      That’s because babies are the ones who play with rag dolls.. It’s talking to the owner of the rag doll : )
      Ha ha! Thanks for always commenting on my pieces! You always make my day brighter ❤️

      Ps… This doesn’t just pertain to significant others .. It can pertain
      To ones who are always using you ; )

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  2. You really are a very talented writer!

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  3. That was a great metaphor, Carisa! Being treated that way is like losing your soul over time. But remembered that inner spark and felt again we develop a strength that feels like a resurrection. And then no one messes up with us anymore! Great! 😊

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    • Yes! Very true.. I don’t think people understand how their words and actions can truly damage a person. This piece reminds me of someone who I’ve loved my whole life.. But she took me for granted way to many times.
      Sometimes when it’s a sister.. You don’t ever get over the heartbreak. I love her still.. And I miss her. However, you can still love someone from distance. ; )
      Thank you for always having kind words : )

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      • It is harder the closer a person feels to you. A sister hurts a lot. I guess the biggest healing takes place when we realize that it was never about us but about the issues the person carried within and couldn’t deal with. That way we detach ourselves from the emotional dependency which makes it easier to simply love that person the way they are. That’s how I experienced it with my father. 🙂

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  4. Very good evocative poetry Carisa 🙂

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  5. Such deep thinker you are Carisa 🙂

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  6. Hey Carisa, was this inspired by that song “Dollhouse” by Melanie Martinez ?! Loved your post ! Especially the ending, the way you took control with that last line and was a total bad’ass that I know you are ! ❤

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    • Zee!
      It’s funny because I didn’t write it thinking of Melanie’s song.
      I wrote about my personal experience.
      It all just came together.
      I was looking for images for it and I saw Melanie’s gifs.

      I’ve loved Melanie’s music for a long time. Since the Voice.. She is so amazing. I feel I can relate to her so much. Carousel.. Is one of my favorite songs.

      When I saw her gifs I knew that it would be perfect… I love her…

      Do you know her song “Porcupine”
      She’s never released it before… YouTube has it but you can’t buy it.

      I’ve searched for it.. But couldn’t find it..
      Rob from V-Pub was able to send it to me on MP3 : ) Yay!!

      Here it is

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      • Oh my God, Carisa I didn’t even realize it was the same Melanie Martinez that I saw on The Voice until you mentioned it and then I Googled her and I was struck. She has come such a long way ! Wow! I’ve heard the Carousel one and there is this another “Pity Party”, that’s a pretty cool one too!

        Just listened to Porcupine on the link you sent, Man I’m loving her, even more so now that I know she is the same Melanie on Team Adam back then. Such a unique and extremely talented artist !

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  7. rubiredsaid on said:

    I agree that this being taken for granted leaves a stain teetering on the edge of “mental torture”!
    I too liked the “ragdoll”, effectively expressing that inner feeling!
    The finale’, is about finally taking control!
    I explained I enjoyed reading your work, as you just naturally exude what is of interest!
    Best wishes.
    Hope you and your family are having a good weekend!

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  8. Power to the W ! (woman)

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  9. Tosha Michelle on said:


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  10. Amen to that. Recall

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  11. I really liked this post. Simple yet full of impact.

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