Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry


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I see you made a trade
Desperation is what you portrayed
Your eyes always full of jade
Sisters aren’t suppose to be betrayed
My husband only got you laid
Darling.. Together we were homemade
I realize it was all a masquerade
When did you start this charade
Broken by the actions you made
He is meaningless in this tirade
Now bad blood is displayed
With aunt and Step-mom now conveyed
Both you fuckers strayed
Soon he will be throwing you shade
And you’ll be the one getting played
Fuck off, I’m no longer in your brigade
I will always be an upgrade

Carisa Adrienne

I wrote this a few years back while waiting for my son. I wrote it with tears because I missed my sister so much. I’ve forgiven both of them. My sister is my deepest heartache. It never felt like I was divorcing a man…but my sister. She hung the moon for me. I still love her deeply, but I now do it from a distance.

I didn’t hold back on this piece…..We all have those types of writings 😉

As I read this now…..I laugh so hard  😉

Makes me think of Taylor Swift’s song….

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54 thoughts on “Blood(F)Sucker

  1. The V-Pub on said:

    Carisa, you’ve done what the majority of us couldn’t. You’ve forgiven two who hurt you so deeply and on different levels. I read this and thought about how wounded you must have been while writing this, and how large your capacity for forgiveness must be for posting this today. ❤

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    • Rob.. Thank you for always making me feel like I am without flaws. ❤️
      We both know I have millions.
      But it’s always nice to feel so empowered.
      I miss her deeply…
      I still love her..
      I’ve had my heart broken by men before…
      But she is the one who almost destroyed me.

      I realize I can’t hate her.. I actually pity her… I know she misses me too but I will never be her little sister as I once was.
      I know that she must carry a burden too.

      She’s not a bad person…
      She just did a bad thing. ❤️

      Thank you for always standing by me and supporting me. ❤️

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      • The V-Pub on said:

        You’re welcome, Carisa. Its not that we don’t have flaws, we all do. Its only that your beauty shines through them so thoroughly. In the words of a blogger I know – Shine On! ❤

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  2. you were betrayed and you didn’t deserve it. i’m so glad you have writing to say the things that you want to say, a place to put your hurt. 😘

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    • Thank you.. Even though I know I didn’t deserve it.. It’s so nice to hear it from others. ❤️

      Yes! I almost didn’t post it.. But thought..
      What the heck! Everyone has issues, right? Ha

      I am a little shocked I posted the title the way it is. That is my original title..
      But was suppose to make it a little nicer..
      I guess it never happened.

      Once I saw it was still titled that..
      I thought.. I’ve gotta keep it real ❤️

      Fo Sho! ❤️

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  3. I can understand that it hurt a lot more regarding your sister. It is wonderful that you were able to forgive and even send love to your sister although all is different. You are a beautiful soul, Carisa 💖

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  4. rubiredsaid on said:

    Your point is acknowledged!
    Life’s a bitch, but well versed!
    I have writings like this, was not sure about putting them up as my last poetry site flagged me for it!
    Can’t fault your expression.
    It’s off your chest!

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  5. Did you just say at the end that you didn´t hold back…..crying out loud I though you where about to commit murder, scared the s..t out of me. And hey! What´s with that other dude Rob, yeah yeah the other commentator… Robs of the world anymore, just Charly. 😉

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    • Haha… I only kill people in my mind 😉
      It’s less messy that way 😉
      Charly, you should know me well enough by now, not to be scared by me… I’m all talk ❤️

      Ahhhh… Don’t be threatened by my friend Rob. He is a sweetheart… He is so caring and supportive of my writing.

      Can you guys be friends???
      Please ; ) ❤️


      • If he invites me to dinner and drinks every day of the week for the rest of my life I´ll be best of pals with Rob.

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        • Charly… I think he is making dinner for you tomorrow!!
          You guys will connect so well!
          We will all be linked for life ❤️ 😉

          I hear he is making Raviolis..
          Is that good?
          I’ve never been a drinker..
          So I don’t know what’s on the beverage list.

          I’m a diet Mt. Dew and sugar free koolaid
          Girl. That’s all I drink besides water.

          After you guys hang out for a bit..
          Y’all will be singing this song
          I Feel it!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


        • I will have to admit that I quit drinking, but not even the best of raviolis will make me sing that, you kidding me? You have to pay me at least 1000$ dollars to get me to sing that

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        • Charly..props for quitting drinking..
          I’m serious about that; )
          I will share my diet dew with you : )

          I see a beautiful friendship blossoming with you two ❤️❤️😉


        • Diet dew….you really have to do or say something real nice to me for me to drink that. Coke, that´s what I want. As in Coca Cola, not the other one!

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        • Charly… How can you make me die just talking about Diet Mt. Dew?? Hehe
          You’ve gotta mix sugar free koolaid with it, silly!!
          Get with the program ❤️


        • That sounds better, alright, getting in step with the program

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        • Ummmmmm, that’s more like it!; )
          Where ya been today?
          You’ve been silent?
          Was going to contact the FBI!


        • I had to do some errands, which they pay, out of the house so couldn´t bring the computer with me. Got home at 10. p.m was so tired I felt asleep like a little baby, and now is 4:45 a.m.´
          Don´t contact the FBI, they´ll probably send me to jail for one reason or another.
          What about you then? It´s always me talking about….well, me.

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        • Ahhh! Charly… That’s how I like it!
          Talk about you! I’m a boring girl..
          You’d just fall back to sleep!
          It’s 10 pm here! I’m watching CSI! Yay me!
          I’m living on the wild side! Hehe

          Charly.. I was going to contact the FBI, because I figured they have you under surveillance anyway. They’d know exactly where you are ; )


        • What´s wrong with you people…..can´t you live without any devices that are connected to social media. You´re actually addicts. So how can you keep up with CSI while you´re on wordpress? Or on another site….a dating site? That would be fun if you said you where on one of those.
          And I can´t go back to sleep, since in 3 + hours I´m out of the house again to do some more errands.
          So from now to that hour, time to write my cool short story, I think this one is going to turn out to win some prize.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Charly! I don’t do any social media. I promise I don’t! I ended my social media experience about 4 years ago. The only thing I do is WordPress. ; )

          I use my iPhone while watching CSI.
          I don’t have cable because I don’t watch much tv. I have Netflix but that’s about it. I’m watching CSI because I thought I might learn some tricks that may come in handy being buds with you ; )

          Me on a dating site! Haha…
          Ummmmm, no one is that desperate.
          I’ve always been told I’mt not the type of girl you date… I’m the type you marry..
          Yay me! Haha

          Ok.. Ok.. Finish your story! It’s better be Nobel Peace Prize ready ❤️😉


        • Damn with the freaking story, it´s driving me nuts…or nuttier.
          So CSI is going to come in handy with being buddy buddy I´m somebody
          of the criminal body, cheesy believe…..sorry, I´m listening to the M Eminen, got carried away.
          Actually I thought about getting into those dating sites, or at least facebook , but I know it eventually bores me. I have more than enough with this wordpress thing and chit chat with you about this and that.
          Can you tell I´m silly happy? Yeah, pappy! Who said hapiness didn´t grow in plants….
          Anyways, anyhows, time to get my head a bit straight and go in a rainy cold day walk and more walk, walking while not talking doing the wigling from here to there, scare this one and that one for them to pay up. 😉
          By the way you say you´re not the type of girl you date that you´re the type to marry….we´ll see about that.

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        • Grow in plants? Ummmmm, are you taking about what I think your talking about? Silly boy!! ; )


        • Sorry for the delay response, a bit of two hectic days and yes, this silly boy is talking exactly about what you think. I even have a name for the plant, “Maria”.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Ummmmm, Charly.. I’m telling 😉
          I hope things have settled down for you!
          Missed you ❤️


        • They are settled, i just need to move to get shitty Jobs here and there and as the economy is at it is here in Spain they don´t come too often so I have no time to get into the internet.
          Which I just contradicted myself, that is not a settled life, but guess what, more than half of the population is in my position or worse, so I consider myself pretty lucky actually.


  6. Anonymous on said:

    Heartbreaking but so empowering! Looks like a more beautiful, stronger and happier you emerged! Thanks for sharing this.💜x

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  7. Carisa,

    What you and your kids must have felt, cannot be imagined.
    I do believe that you have forgiven both of them.
    But, I do not believe that you would have laughed hard over this piece after no matter how many years.
    The pain rests very deep inside and the pain itself has turned numb.

    But, yes it is true. We must learn to forgive, because when we forgive, God’s light shines upon us.

    Thank you for sharing this piece, Ma’am!
    You are the most beautiful person ever! ❤
    Stay happy! Stay strong!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Kabir,
      You are wiser than I am. I think you may be right. Maybe the only way to cope and move forward is to have such tormented feelings turn numb. You’ve got me thinking… About that.. You are so wise and insightful. ❤️

      I always love your comments and support. They always make me think! ❤️

      Let me ask you…
      I saw a post of yours in my reader…
      I was distracted for a bit.
      I came back to finish reading and it was gone. Did you pull it?
      Wordpress is a nightmare with glitches…
      Please let me know.
      I looked on your site.. It’s not there either.

      If you repost.. Please let me know ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I love your “fuck you” couplet poetry to one who sounds most deserving! Stay strong!!

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  9. Wow, you displayed it so great.
    I don’t know what to say. 🙂

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  10. How brave and forthright. I’m impressed that you forgave them, but the key question is: how are you doing now?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Doug, thank you for thinking of me:)
      I’m doing well… I still have days when it’s hard for me. My heart wasn’t broken over my ex husband. My heart was broken over my sister. I still miss her. I still love her. I have learned to love her from afar. :). You’re so kind to ask how I am doing. Thank you 🙂 ❤️


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