Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry


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Living no spectacular life, nothing to be craved
Bearing colossal scars life has engraved
Course jagged sins stitched up just for me
Bitter screams pleading, echoing to be free
Wounds bubbling up wanting to be heard
Epic sounds screeching word for word
Voices seeping out battling for my soul
Begging for strength and self-control
Holding my breath silencing the cries
Hiding the woman before your eyes

Carisa Adrienne

The song may not go with the poem.

However, I can’t seem to stop playing it…..




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55 thoughts on “Masquerade

  1. The hidden things that simply come up at times until we finally let it out in order to get rid of it.
    I like the song. Did not know it before, but I understand why you play it all over!

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    • I’ve known the song since it came out years ago, but I woke up out of the blue this morning and had it playing in my head. I can’t stop it now. I know we all hide something from most people. I’m trying to figure out how someone close to us can hide a monster of a secret. I just don’t know..

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      • I know that “out of the blue playing in head” so funny. And sometimes it’s songs we did not even hear for a while.
        I guess the problem with this hiding thingy is that some people are trying to hide it from themselves, they don’t want to look at it, forget it… but in certain situations it simply breaks out because that monster can eat them up from inside. Lies are getting unbearable or coming to the surface. Judy had a great post today which goes well along with your post.

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        • Thank you, Erica… I’ve been thinking about it since I posted this and my conclusion is… I’m a worthless piece of shit who should of seen what was going on. Thank you, for always being so kind to me. I’m the one to blame with this one.

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        • Hmm… I don’t think so! Otherwise you would not even post about it! You are a fantastic person, Carisa 💖 We all have our demons within. Although we know they are there it often is not easy to grab them when they fly around. You might just have caught one 😉 💖💖

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  2. History makes herself known whether we like it or not. Sometimes drowning out the sound of our own heartbeat with her recitation of events we’d just a soon, not remember. hugs Beautiful, Carisa. ❤

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  3. Mr Modigliani on said:

    Let your talent and creativity be the light that leads you out of the darkness. (we also enjoy your beauty)


  4. rachel on said:


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  5. I love the way you rhyme issues of life concerning love in a poem. The first gif image is a little creepy but intriguing. Hugs.

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  6. Aw, this is so beautiful. Loved the flow. That first image was so appropriate for this piece. And that last line…perfect.

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  7. Sounds like you know the demons that are in me.


  8. You do seem a bit melancholic, cheer up woman!

    You do have nice taste for music, been quite a lot of years since I haven´t heard this group

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  9. Hang in there.

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  10. Big hugs sweet lady! 🙂 xxx

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  11. Lady Ate on said:

    Hidden wounds and thorns and stories that are in us, hurting and painful those which left scars are always have big influence on our life and sometimes we need to work out in our head, understand it WI they happened and was it a lesson for us. sometimes we need to forgive ourselves sometimes others who hurt us. not for them but for ourselves but even if we will do it, some wounds will always be there, and they changed us. healing needs love, needs someone who we can trust who will be with us and for us, although sometimes it’s long process, and we are putting mask hiding our true faces, wounds and ghosts of the past to protect ourselves from being hurt, and from lack of understanding. It’s hard to trust ppl when they let you down so many times you just are on the edge.
    I wish you lot of strength beautiful Carisa, lot of love and peace for your heart and soul. Hugs hun💓😊🌹

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  12. Lady Ate on said:

    Aww sweetheart you are so kind and sweet … thank you. pleasure is mine… mwah 😊🌹💋

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  13. aramsey_poet on said:

    The moment I saw the title I practically burst out singing the song from The Phantom of the Opera. Nice poem. 🙂


  14. poet NbJ on said:

    Lovely post. Great song! Leaving a basket of hope and hugs.
    Have a nice weekend, Carisa 🙂

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  15. Carisa: this is so, so heart-piercing deep. I feel it. Love you, sweet beauty!

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  16. (((HUG))) Deep poetry reflecting the deep woman you are

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  17. This was so relateable Carisa. It’s like you put my feelings into words. I read this so many times over and over and I can’t find the right words to say still. This was beautiful, sad but beautiful. Sometimes our feelings might not be pretty but doesn’t mean they don’t make us who we are.

    P.S Spectacular song, loved the lyrics! Thanks for sharing.

    Love you so much, big bear hugs! ❤


  18. Carisa, this is deep and powerful…perhaps haunting in some ways. We all have our darkness and shadows to varying degrees and wear the mask to hide or suppress them. Your mask gif was such a great selection. This seems to be great step towards exploring your shadows and understanding the impact on your life. Through this journey…connecting the shadows with your light, you truly realize and understand Self.

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  19. I love the poem. I love it. xo

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  20. Aaaah. This one 💚
    You nailed it with the last line.
    Awesome ma’am


  21. This is sad! I don’t like this. Though I will say it’s powerful enough 🙂

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