Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

Rise Up



One more chance to make it right

Making promises holding on tight

No more tears or falling behind

Moving forward because I can’t rewind

Standing tall with one foot in the grave

Climbing out my soul I will save

Leaving my demons encased below

I’ve been forgiven time to let go 

Shedding my shame for the new me

Rising up……now I’m free

Carisa Adrienne


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144 thoughts on “Rise Up

  1. i’m going to write this in lipstick on my mirror and read it every day! 💗

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  2. Exposed Loving on said:

    Inspiring and stirring, these are the words your words invoked in me…well done as usual….

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  3. I love these words and pictures! lovely

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  4. Redemption is a beautiful thing, Dear Lady. 💗 sometimes our harshest critic is the voice in our own heart. Forgiving yourself and moving forward- that’s a beautiful concept. All my best, Carisa.

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  5. Aw, Carisa. Really loved that line “Standing tall with one foot in the grave.” That line was so awesome. Let the new “me” rise up in all her glory and be free. Excellent work.

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  6. wwwpalfitness on said:

    Reblogged this on wwwpalfitness.

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  7. wwwpalfitness on said:

    Always lovely. You are the only person besides me that story boards with both videos and memes. I have to write two quick posts and will come back with an inspired one myself. I have to grab a few new memes. A song I have in mind already.

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  8. Mr Modigliani on said:

    It looks like you and Rachel could be sisters. I really felt your heart pouring out onto the page here and I experienced some of your emotions while I was reading. I do believe the voice that sets us free, as well as the one that holds us back, is the one in our own head. Keep writing. You are loved here.

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    • Awe… That’s the best compliment. Don’t tell Rachel, though 🙂 she may not think so! I’m so glad you could feel my emotion. That little voice can be loud…
      I’m learning to make my heart be louder!
      😉 Thank you for the inspiring words ❤️


  9. Outstanding, Carisa.

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  10. Funny, I was about to post something with the same title the other day, it’s sitting in drafts now lol….

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  11. A new renewal of you, that´s good. By the way you look very nice in that picture (that moves! ) coming out of the sea water into the shore.

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  12. Casey Michael on said:

    Love this! The Bond clip is an added bonus!!!

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  13. Never surrender-wow, talk about inspirational! Great post, Carisa. I love how you combine powerful writing with your storyboards…the result is electric. Have a great day, my friend 😄

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  14. Anonymous on said:

    I read you now with your accent. Davis thinks it’s wonderful, Carisa…poems can be many things, inspiring is good. 🙂 I am inspired, and cheery now! phew 🙂

    Writing the comment brought a Bruce Beaver poem to mind. cheers.

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  15. Funny I read megans blog this morning and things did just that 😮

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  16. Very nice, little lady. Hope you have had a nice Xmas with your kids. X

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  17. Beautiful words!

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  18. Rise up baby! You are! You are a powerful deep force my girl. You are walking from that water with a flame in your step and that foot in the grave just makes us stronger when we fly away. Love this and loooove you!!! Xoxox

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  19. Wow, beautiful, Carisa! 🙂

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  20. Incredible write, Carisa. 🙂 ♥

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  21. I found you through middle me… i am actully amused (i a very good way) by your tag line… sometime silver linings are blue… so beautiful and at the same time triggers me to look for that blue silver lining..

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  23. Oooo Carisa, I looovee looove the crisp and raspy voice in the song you shared…so so good. Beautifully paired with your words! All hail to the new you- getting stronger and free! ❤

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  24. You created such dark imagery up front and in the two final phrases changed the entire vibe to such a hopeful and inspiring send off. Well done! 🙂

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  25. wow. Loving this site. 🙂

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