Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry




Eyes wide open, side by side, back to back

 Wondering when we slid off track 

You’re the crisp night giving me the security I seek 

Granting me the stars, dreaming of the words I yearn to speak 

I’m the flame that keeps burning throughout the day 

Proving you can always conquer come what may 

Now we are only embers flickering without emotion

Afraid to be hurt once more holding out our devotion  

Craving a frenzied moment, no inhibitions, no controls  

Watching, waiting, anticipating, colliding the beauty of our souls 

Carisa Adrienne

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70 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

  1. The V-Pub on said:

    I loved it, Carisa. Amazing that two people living in the same house, sleeping in the same bed, can become strangers. The first two images illustrates to me the potential duality of a relationship. The last two show the where the wish would take her. Your song selection was perfect for your post. 💗

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    • Thank you, Rob! It is amazing, isn’t it!

      I had to put the image of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling just laughing : ) I think that’s part of the amazing explosion between 2 people.
      Laughing is a requirement with me! Ha

      Usually it seems it happens fast but it’s actually a slow progression. I’ve always heard to keep a relationship alive.. You must fall in love everyday.. With the same person.
      I’m realizing how true that quote is. Thank you for the sweet words. I love the song too! Glad you like it : )

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      • The V-Pub on said:

        Jeez, I can’t stand Gosling. Maybe it’s because I’m jealous? 😀 I think you’re right, it is a slow progression, or regression. I think that the realization is sudden, though.

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        • Haha!!! Ummmmmm, Ryan Gosling is an amazing actor. That’s all I care about. Nothing else.. Nope, he’s nothing but an actor. I don’t have friends text me sexy pics of him saying… “Girl, you can do anything!” “Girl, I believe in you!”
          When I need an extra push! Nope nothing like that. Actually, if you google him it’s hilarious all the Memes he has. He is an amazing specimen… I suppose : )
          I agree with you points about growing apart. It’s hard to watch but it’s brutal to feel.

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        • The V-Pub on said:


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  2. Nice thoughts & words!

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  3. Casey Michael Smith on said:

    This makes me want to go home & molest the wife! (She’s rolling her eyes at me right now. She knows everything!) 💚😄

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  4. aramsey_poet on said:

    … you and I collide. Do, uh, do, do, dodooo. Great poem really love the song.

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  5. the message is clear. sadly.

    what is beautiful is how you penned this poem.
    style and class

    exquisite poem Carisa.

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  6. Fantastic how you wrote that, Carisa. Been there…

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  7. So beautifully written! I can relate to this all too well…

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  8. Beautiful! Made me sit up straight right away 🙂 Love the song. And I do remember, I do.

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  9. Remarkable

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  10. Beautiful and descriptive poetry!

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  11. Very nice. I like your writing.

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  12. Your words were dripping with passion, every time I read your words it feels like I’m reading lyrics of some song. Your words are just that melodic and fluent Carisa. This time your poem reminded of “Collide” by Howie Day! Loved the post Carisa.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Much love ❤

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  13. You have a very sensual imagination.

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  14. watching… waiting… reading this… so sexy and sweet 🙂 beautiful ❤

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  15. My goodness I have a couple of tumblr blogs for you. I might even just post some and title it for you.

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  16. Really a beautiful poem. You are quite an excellent writer.

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  17. People’s passion peters out with plenty of promises to play later. When Pigs Fly…..

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  18. You know what !!! Sometimes, I feel the very same through your words.

    I can relate the same thought process.
    You write so beautiful, dear

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    • That’s the best compliment anyone could give me. When someone can relate to my words. Sometimes writing can make me so vulnerable but when someone says they feel the same… It makes me feel more confident. Not saying I’m
      Glad you feel the way I do when I write about something painful. I think writing helps so much for people not to
      Feel so alone. Thank you, Kabir! You always have the right words. : )

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  19. Ah, Carisa.

    When you write something funny or sweet, it’s always a delight.

    And when your writing turns to the sensual, well…hey, is it hot in here? Oh…I think that’s just your flame warming my soul. 🙂

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