Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

What if?

What’s the greatest gift you could give?

The gift of life?

I think so..

Check the little box on your drivers license. 

I’m going away for a few days to relax! Yay me! Hope to catch up on reading when I get back. Have a great weekend. ❤️

Let me leave you with a song that is so powerful. Starting off the video doesn’t seem exciting but if you watch the whole video… It will be worth it. It’s hard for me to watch… But I’m always glad I did. : ) 


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25 thoughts on “What if?

  1. The video and song is so moving and inspiring Carisa, thank you for sharing this.

    Wishing you joy and happiness on your time off. Hoping all your captured moments are framed with smiles and memories. Peace and Love

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  2. rachel on said:

    have a wonderful weekend! i’ll miss you. xoxo

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  3. The V-Pub on said:

    Such an important thing – the gift of life. Although my surgery wasn’t that dangerous, I benefited from a donor for a part of my body. I’m eternally grateful for that. Have a wonderful vacation with your family. I bet that you and your family will have a great time.

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    • Thank you, Rob! Yes it’s always nice to get away. Just to breathe and recharge. I’m so glad someone was so selfless to give so much to help you. I was thinking about what they helped you have……
      You already had a wishbone, a funny bone and they helped you have a backbone. : )
      So glad you’ve been able to recover so well. : )


  4. Have great time off!:)

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  5. Casey Michael Smith on said:

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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  6. Truly beautiful! Have a wonderful week-end and feed the mind for beautiful words to follow 🙂

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  7. Hi Carisa, unfortunately I can’t view the video 😦 will you please tell me the link so I can check it out too 🙂

    I love the first quote you shared. And I hope you relax and rejuvenate yourself in the meanwhile, Can’t wait to have you back! Much love ❤

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  8. Wonderful thought! It’s a great thing in singapore that you are automatically opted in as a donor once you turn 18. Enjoy your break !

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  9. love the song you used… foo fighters ❤

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