Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

Be a Simple Man 

To Both My Loves…

I knew you’d search for me.
You can stop searching now.
I never left you.
I’m the beat in your heart.
I’m the arms that embrace you.
I’m the gravity that grounds you
I’m the bones that help you fight.
I’m the skin that protects you.
I’m the sin that asks for forgiveness.
I’m the dreams that visit you.
I’m the eyes that fall in love.
I’m the heart that heals after broken.
I’m the ears that sees beyond beauty.
I’m the breath that is calm and deep.
I’m the mind that keeps you focused.
I’m the compassion you carry.
I’m the fool that comes alive.
I’m the lips that speek kindness.
I’m the intuition that keeps you safe.
I’m the tears that cleanses you.
I’m the music that never leaves you.
I’m the blood that runs through your soul.
I’m the feet that chase after your dreams.
I’m the fingers that grasp hope.
I’m the hands that create beauty.
I’m the scent that brings comfort.
I’m the knees that lock for challenges.
I’m the memories that love you.
I’m the link that connects you.
I’m the wings that carry you.
I am your Mother

-Mom ❤️ 8/15/2015

Words of Wisdom……

Boys, Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. ❤️

Deep Breath…Deep Breath…

I always knew I’d go through hell, to hold a piece of heaven.

I’d do it all again without skipping a beat ❤️

Forgive me for my sins. I’m on my knees praying for forgiveness. I never wanted you to have my fate. I’ll take your debt. I’ll repay anything for you. I’ll take your burdens…

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32 thoughts on “Be a Simple Man 

  1. Wow! Beautiful words Carisa…and beautiful family! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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    • Malaika,
      Thank you… Your words mean so much to me. They truly do.. I’m not perfect but I wish I was for my boys.

      My boys are struggling right now because of me. The guilt is almost to much to bear.
      My oldest was diagnosed with my fate.
      My youngest was diagnosed with my fate on 3/24/2010. I was diagnosed with this on 3/24//1988. Now my oldest…

      They are beyond brave. They are braver than I have ever been. I wish I could take all our fates and smash them.

      Malaika, I do not allow any type of Cuss words for my boys. However, I don’t think cuss words defines anyone. We all need ways to express the hell we feel.

      I’ve only allowed my oldest to use a certain word ‘f’ word twice in his life.

      When life has been so hard that we don’t know what to say. To express how sometimes life deals us a hand we don’t want. When we are handed issues that are life changing. My boys are only 14 and 11.
      My heart is breaking for my boys.

      However, they are part of me and will always rise up when we are knocked down.

      This week I told my oldest he could use the ‘f’ word if he would like.

      He thinks this week the ‘f’ word is when it should be used. ….So do I…

      We’ve had so many silent tears flowing.
      Such a hard week for him… Which makes is unbearable week for me.

      Thank you for always sticking with my posts and making me believe kindness is everywhere ❤️❤️❤️

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      • Oh Carisa! I have tears in my eyes as I read your comment. I didn’t know you were going through such a tough time. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I am thinking of you, praying for you and sending you a virtual hug through the internet. If there’s anything I can do, please just ask. I am here for you. I was about to publish a post on peace when I saw your comment. I would like you to read it because I have a special paragraph just for you. Hang in there Carisa. Hugs!

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  2. The V-Pub on said:

    That was such a beautiful, beautiful post. I wanna reach out and hug my boys right now.

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  3. J.T.O'Sullivan on said:

    Speaking from experience and my current circumstances, no matter how bad it is, how how bad it gets, how many times you are knocked and pinned to the ground.

    We can always find a way to our feet again <3.

    My way has always been to just love those around you immerse yourself in the moment.

    No reason to fear for the future, because there is no better time than now x

    Best wishes to you at this time Carisa and your family x

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    • Joshua,
      I can tell you love with all of your being.
      I’ve known this since coming across your first poem. I admire you… Always have ❤️

      Your words are powerful wether in poems or in comments. I can feel your genuine kindness. Thank you… Thank you..

      I need to hear such words today. ❤️
      I am weak today.. But it will make me stronger tomorrow ❤️

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      • J.T.O'Sullivan on said:


        I admire your courage.

        Though, I do think you have misplaced guilt.

        I have also been dealt a tough hand by fate itself, as you eloquently put it, and I fear for my children in the future. I would not wish it upon anyone.

        Having said that, it is our faults, wounds and trials that sculpt us as the genuine and loving people we grow to become.

        So long as you keep your heart and mind strong, you can overcome anything that throws itself at you. With the love of your family as well, nothing is impossible ❤

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        • Joshua,
          Your words always have such an impact on my thoughts! Thank you!

          I know you weren’t asking for any type of sympathy regarding your own fears and future children. However, I want to say I’m sorry life has dealt a difficult hand to you too. ((((Hugs)))))). Your future children will be so blessed to have you as a dad. You are inspiring and so motivating.

          You are so wise with your actions. I will take a page from your book. Thank you for taking the time to share your amazing view on life… They were needed today..

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    • Joshua,
      I wanted to come and thank you again for your kind words. Something you said has been running through my mind continuasly..

      You said, “Nothing is impossible”

      It made remember one of my favorite quotes, but I had forgotten it recently….

      Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

      Thank you for reminding me ❤️

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  4. Beautiful

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  5. Big hugs!!!! I’m sorry for your pains.. you’re a beautiful soul, and I’m sure your light was passed down.. whatever maybe just breathe… good vibes your way and lots of love…

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  6. “I always knew I’d go through hell, to hold a piece of heaven.” That is strong. 🙂

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  7. Amazingly touching, hanging out with your words for a bit -m

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    • Humbled beyond imagination. I’ve lost the most precious gifts myself… Knowing my boys will lose one of their precious gifts. That’s one of the reason I started this blog. So one day when they are grown men they may Google me and see all the words I once told them. They will be able to read it over and over again. I want them to understand their mother… And I hope it will help them understand themselves a little better too. Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve written. ❤️ you’ve helped me so much.. Thank you!

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  8. I went back and looked up some of your older work tonight. I’ve enjoyed a lot of what I’ve read. I’ve also felt some of your pain and I’m sorry for it.

    But this. I needed to find this. For the writing but mostly to be directed to the song. Because I love it and I believe in its message.

    Thank you, Carisa. ♡

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