Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

Time lord

I’m the Time lord  today ❤️

Mom and Walker (age 10) 

  • Walker: “Mom, what are we doing today?”
  • (Walker is talking British)
  • Me: “Walker, why are you talking like that?”
  • Walker: “I’m getting older and  my voice is changing.”
  • Me: “Wait, what does that have to do with you talking in a British accent?”
  • Walker: “You and Dad, always said  when Joshy, was going through puberty his voice changed!”

I felt like I did hundreds of crunches. You’re the funniest kid ❤️

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11 thoughts on “Time lord

  1. rachel on said:

    kids!!!!!! i LOLed at this. ❤️

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  2. Clearly a discerning young fellow.

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  3. I spoke British too when I went through puberty. And before. And still now. I am British though.
    Was he real British or that fake Hugh Grant Hollywood nonsense? Being a 10 year old though, he’s clearly got good taste! He just needs some proper vocabulary to go with it

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  4. Awww! The sweetest thing ever. Thanks so much for sharing,,,from one mom heart to another.
    When my youngest was little he made a comment about my friend’s Brit husband, Martin, having a British accident. Ha ha! Instead of accent. We laughed and told him they had two! (sons)

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  5. Oh, and btw, your son’s adorable. : )

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