Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

Coveting my life

Stunning with angelic wings

Carrying evil tortuous things

A mirage as shelter from the storm

Cold as ice to keep me warm

Magical with mystical conclusions

Pulling the strings creating illusions

A hero masquerading for all to see

A thief cunning for the best of me

God-like reciting all to hear

Immoral as Judas cutting off my ear

Your ivory lace turned to black

Devilish grin stabbing me in the back

Our mother witnessing begins to weep

For conceiving both wolf and sheepimage


-Carisa Adrienne


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17 thoughts on “Coveting my life

  1. agenda19892010 on said:

    Happy Sunday to you my friend by Rinaldo ☺ from Venice Italy .

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  2. Wow again.
    I thought your poem was amazing. I had to read it a few times.
    Your experience is a good example of fact is stranger than fiction. That must have been an extremely traumatizing experience. I commend you for choosing a positive outlook on life.

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  3. rubiredsaid on said:

    Good poem!
    I have enjoyed reading your work and I am actually getting used to you now, which is good.
    Thank you for liking rebound, one of my poems.

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  4. Very good. Really enjoyed this poem. Brilliant.

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    • Thank you so much! I started it about 10 years ago and just finished it. It was a difficult one for me. The words came instantly but the meaning behind it….well, it was exhausting. I’m so glad you liked it. That makes me smile :b

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  5. The V-Pub on said:

    So wonderfully constructed and conveyed, Carisa. I think that this one pretty much sums it all up, especially the last two lines.

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  6. Excellent poetry, Carisa. Such powerful imagery you have portrayed.

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