Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

 Dead Sea

My lips harbor vitality capturing your ships soul

Rescuing you from despair of the treacherous black hole

Eyes withering without glistening glow

Drifting with speed with no place to go

Stroking your vessel with vibrant pastels

Hundreds of pennies with wishing wells

Waking your sails bringing them alive

Your broken compass begins to thrive

Anchoring against constant waves of the ocean

Navigating your travels toward the beacon of emotion

Sailing ashore with ease surpassing me

Leaving me capsized stranded in the

Dead Sea

-Carisa Adrienne


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25 thoughts on “ Dead Sea

  1. Good to see this

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  2. rachel on said:


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  3. Beautiful poetry ❤

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  4. the last part – a lament – a fallen resurrected and laving her behind

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  5. You are very creative Carisa. Thank you for sharing your talents with us 😊

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  6. This is great. I’m a big fan of the ocean and sailing, so this close to my heart. The first line is perfect. Nicely done.

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  7. I read a lot of double entendre in this…is that right? Some truly excellent lines in here. Really good, very well done 🙂

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  8. xheonelfaez on said:

    Beautiful… Beautiful poetry

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  9. So where do you hang your hat?

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