Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

Fourth of July

Deep breath  calm your heart

Let your thoughts be a work of art

Allow the letters form the perfect words

Flying high among the birds

Capture all the colors from the sky

Painting it like the Fourth of July


-Carisa Adrienne 

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12 thoughts on “Fourth of July

  1. Lovely poem. I like the rhymes. Thank you!

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  2. rubiredsaid on said:

    Here in England we do not celebrate the 4th july, but we are aware of what it means to America.
    My brother lives in Lancaster usa and he loves it there.
    You have written a befitting poem for this occasion!
    Thanks for reading my poem.

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  3. Sweetpea on said:


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    • Thank you ❤️
      Misty, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the song Titanium… The piano version…

      It’s a song that I have always felt described me. Always listen to it when I’m feeling defeated.

      The other day I was listening to it and you came into mind… I think it describes you…
      You are truly amazing. ❤️

      I have it in my About section.
      I think it may become your new favorite ❤️
      Hope you’re having a good day friend.

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      • Sweetpea on said:

        Thank you! Yes I have listened to it over the last year. It is very fitting~titanium ~ bullet proof (seeing someone shot & killed on my lap ~ family mother ~step dad not
        Showing up to surgery!
        It is a beautiful song! Skyscraper have you heard that? I’m sure you have


      • Sweetpea on said:

        Hugs for you beautiful! You write beautifully!!!

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        • Ahhh… I agree it describes you completely. I love the slow piano version. So soothing…
          and powerful… ❤️

          Yes! I’ve heard Skyscraper….I love that one too. We are music junkies aren’t we… Haha
          That’s the only way to be. ❤️

          and thank you for the kind words…
          It means so much. ❤️

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        • Sweetpea on said:

          You’re very welcome! My dad and mom were music crazy. My brother & I are the same. My dad took me to see Diana Ross when I was 6. I love that I can say that

          Anyway… wishing you a great day/night.
          Nice chatting! Take good care of yourself, Beauty.

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  4. Such versatility, ma’am 🙂

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