Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

I remind myself of this daily 



I’m just realizing this. I’ve always tried to explain my actions to all. Even if someone loves you that doesn’t mean they will understand your actions. 

Recently, I realized exactly what  this quote means. It’s so simple but it was hard for me to stop explaining. Now that I don’t explain certain aspects… I feel so free ❤️

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22 thoughts on “I remind myself of this daily 

  1. rubiredsaid on said:

    Thank you for reading my poem.
    Your blog is interesting to me!

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  2. So true. Just because we are on different paths to others does not mean we are lost

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  3. Misty on said:

    I’m sorry if your struggling with something like that I’m here to listen k

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  4. Misty on said:

    Hi! I’m crying. I just watched the video

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  5. Goodness…. I have more admiration for you every day. You inspire me ❤️

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  6. Wow, I loved this. ❤

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  7. thank you for the follow 🙂 love this post 🙂 Have a good day

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  8. Another good one on your lovely site Carisa. Your site is indeed beautiful.

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  9. You’ve got a good thing going on here!!

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