Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry

My Ecstasy

I love music and lyrics. Maybe I love the words more than anything. However, the moment when beautiful words collide with moving chords is my bliss

That’s an unexplainable feeling I covet

I will try my best to describe the incredible feeling…

Your hands start shaking in a frenzy, and your heart is throbbing. Lust is exquisitely at its highest. Waiting for the next melody before you can exhale and climax. The same words that excite your soul to devilish extreme can soothe you to angelic dreams

Appearances can’t be felt but sound waves penatrate the heart.
Most want to see images of people to determine their worth. I want to hear the mouthpiece of individuals. The organ that best represents someone isn’t their heart. I believe the music box is the organ that bleeds red. It is the heart of the soul

I could fall in love with someone by listening to them sing, read, whisper, and converse. My ears are what determines beauty. My eyes are the albums that hold the pictures of memories. My ears are what determines which album to allot the pictures

Music plays in my head 24/7. During the enchanted times and during the catastrophes. I doze with music playing soft and peaceful. I wake to music booming, inspiring me for the day

I believe music might be the only friend I’ve kept through every season I’ve endured. It’s always been by my side. If I have a falling out of sort I can pause, skip, rewind and fast forward. Knowing I can always go back and regain its trust. Even the saddest songs bring me comfort. Those may be the most comforting songs of all

           Together we put the “US” in mUSic
Together we put the “US” in trUSt
🎼🎼 Music 🎼🎼
-Carisa Adrienne

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40 thoughts on “My Ecstasy

  1. My heart was dancing only from reading it

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  2. MisT on said:

    Wow you are a music head! Me too!
    Have you heard ~Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini?

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  3. My dead silence songs rocks me to sleep.

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  4. Reblogged this on Olive Branches and commented:

    I am listening to Nightingale Demi Lovato, and have had it on replay more than I can count. I love this so.

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  5. I really love this post. Thank you for letting us get cozy in your thoughts. I am the same way with music. There is always a song in my head and in my heart. Sending love and peace to you.

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  6. It’s amazing the emotions and feelings a song can invoke in a person. Anger, sadness, nostalgia, happiness, lust. All are on the table when it comes to music. Sometimes we just identify with a song, as I put in my post earlier this morning.

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  7. Fieldstone stacked to make
    a house stands out where
    and silos are the
    norm. Multicolored

    school invites
    youngsters to strive to
    reach past rural start,
    beyond chicken feeding to
    some known school

    the whole village can
    be proud of, the first
    student to
    matriculate from
    this county, later

    a statue
    built in honor of
    the first from Jido
    to become a Yonsei grad.
    Not all will

    do so well,
    but this boy’s grandfather did,
    his mother’s
    Dad, the one who read
    a lot, got lost one

    time tying
    plastic orange ribbons to
    red bud trees
    so your Dad would not
    cut them down in haste.

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  8. This was very intense and beautifully written. And I´m being serious now.
    So is time for me to sing you a Mariachi song! I´m being silly now.


  9. I came here to comment of a post about your son that apparently you have pulled off. Wow what a love story and what a tragic betrayal at the hands of your husband and sister. I loved your post and have a great deal of respect for how you’ve handled the situation and your son. I just had to tell you that so I came to this, another post, to do it.
    Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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    • Natalie,

      I’m beyond humbled by your kind words. I can’t express my gratitude for coming here and telling me this. The truth about the post is this….

      I wrote it over 3 months ago. I never meant for it to be published. I hadn’t finished paragraphs or proofread for grammar mistakes. It was a spur of the moment piece I wrote. I was posting poems those months ago.. But something guided me to write my feelings down on a draft. I forgot about it until today. I was going through my drafts and deleting ones I don’t need anymore. I came across that one and meant to delete it.. But I accidentally published it. I was in a hurry to do so.. Because I didn’t want to read it. In that process I did the opposite of what I intended. My heart shatters when I think of my boy and the past. I will write about things but will never read them. I usually burn the letters to him or my journals about it. It’s one thing to write something.. But it’s another thing to read it. Reading it makes it real.
      I was heartbroken today when I published it.. I couldn’t believe I sent it out to all my followers.

      This is the silver lining to it all…

      I’ve had so many emails and comments asking where it went. So much kindness was shown I went back and read it.
      It’s one of the first times I’ve read what I write about with those feelings. A flood of emotions came and I needed it. Maybe I’ll finish and post it. Maybe it would help me heal.
      Thank you again Natalie. Your act of kindness was felt so deeply. Sending my love out to you.


      • You are so welcome. You may never meant to have published it but apparently the Lord wanted it published it. Our stories need to be told, Carisa. We stand on the shoulders of our families and friends and we often need to be shored up by what others have endured and come away from. I’m glad you told your story, and I hope that you leave them as a legacy for your son one day. There will come a time when he will want to know more about you and your life. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤


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