Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Sorry Not Sorry


  1. Hugs
  2. Sugar Free Koolaid 
  3. Kisses
  4. Hands clasped with mine 
  5. My husband ❤️
  6. Medicine working 🙏🏼
  7. Gavin James cover of “Book of Love”
  8. Listening 
  9. Telling 
  10. Laughing until your side cramps 
  11. Smoothing writing pens 
  12. Prayers
  13. Reading 
  14. Camps for my kiddos 
  15. Nice days for a swim 
  16. Hearing my boy tell me jokes 😄
  17. Riding bikes 
  18. My dad 
  19. Pay days 
  20. Vacations 
  • Always and forever for having the mother I was granted.  I miss you! ❤️

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5 thoughts on “Gratitude 

  1. This is so sweet. You are such a wonderful woman with so many great blessings in life!

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  2. MisT on said:

    I’m sorry you lost your mom

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